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Help me, I beg you! (Thread)

I was thinking of making a book,anime and manga and want to know if I should. And I also need you to (if you say yes) mabey come up with a few tittles character names and so on I would be so happy for your opinions and ideas.

Thanx xxx

Never know your ideas might become famous, and I will give you the credit, hope this works out!

Please,please,please.Use the edit button...


Seriously now?

You basically want to do anything, but are not able to do it yourself, not even coming up with ideas?
No, really, this is YOUR "project", and YOU should come up with the rough layout.

We can help you refine, give opinions etc, but we're not doing the work for you.

leave the kid alone, he is 11 =))

@GMYui He's gotta learn that not everything is going to be handed to him sooner or later might as well be now.

it's neither too early nor (hopefully) too late to teach that kid, though ;)

when I said leave the kid alone, I mean just leave him and his thread

Dude I didn't ask you o do it for me I said do you have any idea and I mainly need a title and an opinion if I should and it would be fun and a great opertuniy I already have heaps of names for my characters so I don't really need hem all that much and it would be hard to do it on my own so what I needed was "help" not someone to baby me and do it for me im going to highschool and I'm mature half responsible and ( I'm a girl and 12 actually) if you had this idea and wanted help I would gladly help you!

So how would you feel mate!

Here is my tips, mah boy.

  1. Take a piece of paper and a pencil. Sit for a while and brainstorm (write down anything that pops up in your head about what you want to do with the story, characters etc)

  2. Learn how to draw, write and such. If you want it to become anything good and interesting you need to know these things.

  3. Create your book/manga

  4. When you're done, redo everything. At this point you will probably be older (if it's a big project), you will be much more experienced and everything will be much better.

  5. If needed, redo it again.

  6. ???


Actually... Skip those last two.

But you don't have an idea. That's why you made this thread. This thread doesn't fail because you're twelve but because what you're trying to do won't get you anywhere. Here's a crash course in writing:

Don't think of a title and then write something about it, the thing you wrote gives you the title itself once you complete it.

Don't think of character names in advance, that limits you. You name them as they appear in the story.

First make a rough layout of the story, then you work on it adding details and shaping characters(this is what YOU should be doing now if you want to write a book)

You can't just log in on some random forum and be hey gimme a title and some character names and I'll write a book. No, you won't. Well, even if you do, it will be a crappy book which nobody will publish, and even you'll hate it after a few years.

I'm not being mean to you because you're 12 years old and this is internet, but because I want you to take this seriously. Writing is not something you do because you have half an hour of free time and you're bored, it's something you have to devote yourself to. So yeah, the way you approached it this time is not serious at all.

i agree with the tree-man. I think u don't take it that serious at all...

why did you ask in the first place if you already had the ideas and the characters?

I've been in the same place as you. When I was about 10-12ish, I started my own comic book but it epically failed, because it was difficult and a labour. I have to tell you, when you make your comic, you will either love it or hate it. If you hate it, you'll probs attempt to draw another one again soon.

  1. Brainstorm or doodle.
    When doodling, keep thinking - what kind of story will this character fit into?
    (e.g. A character may look cute and bubbly. He/she might go well in a comedy genre.)

  2. If you come across a really awesome character that you want to use (badly), then think of an original plot.
    If you don't have any ideas, surf the internet for anime episodes, manga, comic, google image, movies, etc to dig out some ideas.
    (* remember, dreams are good sources too)
    But don't copy them. The story will turn out cliche. But jot them down on a piece of paper, so that you can manipulate those ideas into your own later.

  3. Experiment on what sort of art style you like. If you have one already, awesome.

  4. Practice drawing, especially backgrounds or repetitive patterns.

* I added this in later, because as your taste and skills develop, your interests in genre and story may change too. But keep a good record of everything, so in the future, you can look back and use those previous ideas again. (Also to see your progress.)

That's all I can say.
You need lots of determination and perseverance. I did a comic for my school project and hated it, because I wasn't organised (time) and kept changing the plan of the plot/characters.

Good luck and have fun.

If school is too easy for you then draw. I drew for a year in school, and got good enough that it seemed right. I can probably still learn a bunch more, but I improved drastically.

I, as a writer myself, am disappoint.

Thanx heaps guys I will try to stick to it and try my hardest. Plus the reason I'm doing this is because I've got more a creative side of my brain than logic (blame mum, don't ask...) and I will keep determination and put you guys in my thanx.
Hope you like it if it does get published and I will tell you some Ideas I get to see if any are good in the peoples mind :)

maybe u could try making the story about something ur interested in. there are loads of anime/manga about things like that.

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