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I don’t mean to be negative but coming up with just a story/novel takes over a month. Maybe one month for a rough copy, but editing and revising is a long process. I don’t have any experience with manga, but it’s my understating that mangas take a minimum of many months to create.
I’m not trying to discourage you, but I think that if you took your time instead of setting a deadline for yourself you might work better.

@Ohki one month? are you serious? if your goign at it half-assed like that, you could just as well just dotn do it at all.

@Deathy That's the point. If you deconstruct a generic character, then it becomes more unique. Like in a romance you over-exaggerate certain generic qualities and ham it up to the point that it's comedic. It draws more attention like that. I don't think you can do that with drawing though...Anime already exaggerates features like the eyes and legs...

@Ohki A few years before a manga and anime? Are you even trained in drawing? It takes YEARS of drawing in order to do it well enough to draw a manga, let alone an anime. It takes a few more years to develop your own style of drawing manga. Animes require a full production crew, with animators, voice actors, and editors. You're saying that you will have an anime by the time you're 15 years old. I'M 15, and I've been drawing my whole life. And I'm not getting an anime anytime soon. Or getting manga published for that matter...

I know you're 12, but think realistically. Saying you're gonna write a story, draw a manga for it, and produce an anime within 2 or 3 years is like a 5 year old saying he's gonna be the president of the United States when he grows up. You have to be really good, or no one will accept your work. You're 12, which would make most publishers not take you seriously because of your age. You live in Australia. Anime is Japanese. If you want a real anime, you're gonna have to learn Japanese and move to Japan. Then you have to write/draw a manga that everyone will like (which would take at least a year or two). And that's when you get an anime.

If you really want one, don't do a half-ass job like break said. Go for it all the way. Study Japanese like your life depends on it. Draw during every spare moment you have. Because thats what the MANY other people who are trying to create an anime are doing. And even then, not all of them make it.

@bleachedsnow Lol I was talking about their looks not personality.Read the post again ;P it said "Generic looking characters"

@Ohki You obviously think making things like manga and anime which takes skilled and educated adults more than a year to make are easy.

@Ohki I think what everyone here has told you has been absolutely right if not a bit harsh sometimes. Novels, comics, tv shows - they're all really layered. You can't just jump right in, you have to really build up the plot and each individual character. You can use the snowflake method to help you do this.

I'd also rec maybe writing a light novel or some short stories first. You could get a few short stories published easier in magazines than getting a full novel published.

@Deathy whoops XD but have you SEEN the shojo drawing style? Almost all the guys have long, curly hair. They have girly looking eyes. and their torsos are all triangle shaped. Their faces are also triangle shaped. Their chins are ridiculously huge too. It's almost funny. But then again, I'm sure it takes a lot of skill to draw them, even if the proportions are all messed up.

Making a story does seem like an awesome idea. As for ideas, I'm not so good at that. You see I'm in the middle of two of my own. But if you need inspiration, or support PM me. i hate to be of no help but I am curious and new so...
That just comes with being a newbie, always. ;P

I think you should make a theme and genre,then spend a few minutes (or possibly hours)on coming up with concepts and backstories,then make a rough draft drawing of the environment that the story takes place in,then redo and improve based on unbiased opinion,after that create the main and side characters and whatever makes them unique,create names,make a rough draft drawing,improve and repeat until your art skills are satisfactory,and last create a plot with a gripping story and plot twists

well... first you think of the story (summary). then you draw characters, write something about them next to their drawing, their influence with the story, and then work on the details of the story summary :) thats how i worked. (I GAVE UP AT THE END CAUSE ITS TOO MUCH WORK xd) OOOPS SORRY FOR CAPS LOCK but im too lazy to write everything again XD

i bet 10$ the OP is trolling

@Jin_sama if she really is then shes a really successful one.

@Deathy that's the art of trolling mon

Dunno about you people, but if my manga/anime became famous, I would NOT want to give credit and share my fame with random people that I don't even know.
All the more reason to create things yourself.

Somebody has been reading way too much Bakuman~

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