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Chantelise - A Tale of Two Sisters (Thread) - Page 3

@ImagineBreaker im not really sure if you can count chante as a loli, i think not really exactly...
oh and regarding lawrence, the resemblance is so big i dotn think it could be a

@break Fairy, loli. Close enough I'd say~ They're both awesome regardless.
coincidence? Maybe it was a joke they put in there XD

@Imaginebreaker i have no clue why the rest of my post was cut off. well the rest was "coincidence. i think its an easter egg they put in there, and i wodner if we will also encounter a horo-lookalike"

Thank you very much @ImagineBreaker I really owe you one. This is the fairy/cursed human of my dreams. T/////T

@break If you want Chante... then fight with me to the death! I won't give that beautiful, evil little fairy away until I'm all dead and lifeless! *getting my Twinblades ready*

@break that would be awesome~
@Alkaid no worries XD

sits with popcorn and lolis

this could be good an interesting match~

@break away, man! @Alkaid is gonna KICK YOUR SHINS!

And hell, Chante isn't a loli. She's just a fairy, but she's Elise's older sister! XD


@Alkaid MUAHHAHAHA, if you want to fight me, first show your worthiness and defeat my summoned minion! take son the role of a stereotypical villain and summons a generic demonic level-boss and some weak zombies

@DarkChaplain well yeah thats what i said. btw i place bids on the fortune teller, liek i said. and cool, how exactly does the fishing rod work? i mean is there a mini-game t o it and how does it work?

You have to get rid of surrounding enemies, have to throw into water by standing close and attacking.
Then you'll have to wait til a fish bites, you see their shadows, though.


Once one bites, you need to be quick and engage it in a "man-to-fish" combat XD


If you successfully reduce the 100 hp of the fish to 0 using your 3 chances (and don't completely miss), you pull it out automatically~


The fish you collect can be traded for items - either treasures that will make some money or solid equipment which you'd normally not get at all or need to buy for a lot of cash


uh that sounds pretty neat alright.

Alright people, enjoying Chantelise? What?? You mean to say some people STILL haven't bought it? WHAT THE HECK IS YOUR PROBLEM!!!?
I'll forgive you today, it's 75% off at (£1.61) until New Years Day so get a move on it you STILL haven't got your copy. Otherwise shins will be kicked :3

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