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Zombie Survival (Thread) - Page 5

I could totally be the black guy who's totally kickass and states the obvious and dies first.

Or the guy who watches so many movies, he knows how to do this shit. And his whole life is a movie or a show or whatever.

Or the black guy who says the movie title in the movie. Like, "WE HAVE TO GET THESE MOTHERFUCKING SNAKES OF THIS MOTHERFUCKING PLANE."

And I can provide an island. You just have to take out all the zombies and we can put up a wall. There's no gun shop here, though.

I want to be the OTHER well built black guy. The FUNNY black guy who isnt really that funny. He says ghetto things and speaks in slang. Who also laughs at his own jokes.

Im the one all the survivors want to kill just as a distraction for the zombies (eat my brain). But they actually want to kill me to shut me the fuck up and send me and my crappy jokes to hell.

Even though Im well built its just for show because Im a coward.. I cant do anything but squeal and ask people to come and help me. I also wear REALLY tight shirts but I always deny being gay. IM A QUEEN!

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