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What keeps you from Posting on the Forum? (Thread)

Alright people.
The CL staff is currently trying to find ways to make our forum more attractive for thread starters (see the "Good Threads" suggestion), posting users and also new people/visitors.

However, as it seems right now, the Forum is pretty much dead.
The chat's always busy lately, so the "people on vacation" point doesn't really cut it.

What keeps you from posting on the board? From starting good threads?
Why do the random stupid threads get so much attention while serious ones, good subjects with nice presentations and topics you can contribute to fall back and often are lucky to get more than two or three posts?

How can the site get improved to make the forum more rewarding, interesting and so on?

Please give your impressions, ideas, thoughts on the whole CL Forum!

I like posting threads but it seems like alot of people kinda put ur topic down sometimes?
and idk maybe make threads a lil bit more fun? easier to put piccies and stuff like that? able to put of videos or other things?
maybe threads by the staff for meetings in certain areas? More activites like irl pictures and stuff like that
im just saying make forum more fun:D just a thought no argument or hate meant alright:)

Answer is simple, just disappointing. People are more interested in random crap than in meaningful topics. Preferring pure fun than fun with actual benefit and meaning.

Kudos to the staff for working on that though, let's see how it will affect the community, seeing as you're serving a very passive audience right now, and I know how hard that is. xP

@Lhyunsu posting videos and pictures is wicked easy, you just post the URL.

I really don't know what to do to make the forums more fun. I have Google Chrome, but chat still doesn't work for me, so I HAVE to go on the forum.

I believe that one of the reasons why some of the serious threads don't catch on is because we are all different. There are thousands of people on here, from every continent and finding a issue or topic that most of us can relate to or have an opinion on is hard. I try to think of good topics to make a thread about but I don't end up doing most of them since I know it won't catch on. Ou a few of the threads that I have created have actually caught on and those were only for a week or less.

keeps you from posting: Lack of interest
starting good threads:Nothing good to start a thread about
Why do the random stupid threads get so much attention: Probably cause you won't care as much on how what others might say in return (?)
How can the site get improved to make the forum more rewarding, interesting and so on? I don't know :D

Thoughts of the Forums:
I use the forum more then the chat.
The forum is like a bagel and the chat like a doughnut.
The bagel is tastier to some, but still the doughnut is popular all around.
(I like bagels)

I actually post more on the forum lol.But when I'm not posting it's because the topics I could reply to arn't interesting or that the topics that are interesting I have replied to already.Some are also tl;dr lol.

Clash of interests, lifestyles, and age groups really.

I love discussing things, don't get me wrong, but it feels like either :

-The topics I bring up are local (within the US, NY even.)
-A lot of the members of CL are too young to care/can't be bothered with it.
-If it's not about some terrible anime that people seem to like, no one wants to talk about it (see Angel Beats from a few months back)

Those above are neutral problems that can't really be helped, but negatively :

-I don't make topics because I feel they'd either get trolled, derailed (in terms of discussion), or warrant some really, really, bad replies.
-I don't want to put up with the atrocious spelling errors and grammatical problems that would arise.
-The age gap between posters is toooooooo huge,there's definitely a maturity thing (can't be fixed, I know). I mean, have you guys read some of the bullshit topics on main?

But this is just me nit-picking. Whatever. /end rant.

Too much effort. That being said, I'm going to start a new thread right away~

Thanks for your replies.
It's interesting to get your views on the matter, and I'm glad this thread gets attention at all.

Anyway. I really think @Discourteously got the most pressing points listed.

-I don't make topics because I feel they'd either get trolled, derailed (in terms of discussion), or warrant some really, really, bad replies.

-I don't want to put up with the atrocious spelling errors and grammatical problems that would arise.

These things seem to be an issue for a damn lot of people, judging from what they've been complaining about, and be assured that the staff is indeed trying to work things out one way or another.

The "Good Threads" stuff WILL happen, which might be bundled with Badges to show off, to reward good thread starters and their quality contributions.

We have yet to find a good, simple yet effective way to reward quality posts, but on another front, we're gonna rework rules and guidelines for the site as a whole, with more elaborate points on the forum.

One thing we cannot do, be it good or bad, is banning users with horrible spelling and grammar.
We can, however, try to get rid of heavy trolls and flamers, which first needs to get a sure hold in the rules.

How can we all, as a community, raise the quality of our content?

@DarkChaplain Hey i got something thats actually a pretty good idea:D you guys should have a notification when people post on your thread... cause tbh i can never tell so i dont know when to check on my thread... just sayin
p.s. why you so mean to me... lol

I've been waiting for this thread.

@Discourteously and @Lhyunsu pretty much nailed it.

Serious threads are treated as opportunities for trolling. What's sad and yet at the same time funny and ironic, is that on many occasions, I've even seen trolling even encouraged by mods (by laughing along with the troll), and unfortunately, the mods don't realize the negative affect they're having. Trolling can be funny for the moment, but for the person who created the thread, it's incredibly demoralizing. You're effectively removing the incentive for people to post. Serious/intersting thread makers are looking for serious/interesting feedback. But why bother if you know it's going to be derailed?

People wonder why some of the awesome people from back in the day rarely get on. And from talking with those people which I still keep in touch with outside of CL, I can tell you that this environment we currently have of trolls being treated as class clowns is your problem. Secretly hated by the people who would like to have a serious discussion, but treated as heroes by everyone else.

Like @Discourteously said, it's a maturity issue. Something that is quick and funny posted by a troll is rewarded with attention by those with a lower level of maturity. And since nothing is being done to punish/guide these users to a higher plane of discussion, they are pulling the entire community down.

Also, because nothing has been done to counter this, these users are heavily ingrained into the community. Some have their own followings... Therefore any negative action against them will be met with anger by others.

Cancer might be an effective metaphor...

If you're serious about changing this site around for the better, you'll hit this hard with everything you've got, but as you may know... cancer treatments require killing good cells as well. And due to the current state of things, I fear the the forum has a slim chance of recovery.

Also, to me, this talk of badges... and rewarding good threads is nothing more than 'fluff'. Your problem runs much deeper, and superficial incentives can't solve that.

The problem is that the environment itself is toxic. Cut the bad part out... and maybe open a window while your at it.

@Lhyunsu You know on top of the colorless page there is a "My Stuff" section where you can hover over and select "My Threads" and you can just check if someone has commented on your thread if their will be a notification thing for replies thread hopefully there will be some sort of system so it won't spam your inbox.

also the person who makes the thread should be able to kick or at least delete a trollers post.... cause sometimes it is annoying to get trolled or have people just say things that dont have shit to do with the topic

A couple of people beat me to the post, but the problem is a lack of interest from the users. The forums reflect the interest of the community, and unfortunately, our community is preoccupied with reliving DRRR, counting, and various forum games.

However, there is some trend I really noticed about my own posting habits, and what happens on other threads. Almost every thread even. You post something, somebody might agree with a sentence, but it ends there. It isn't a discussion, it's a testimonial. What is my shady/unique talent? I even if I tell you, why would you care, other than to acknowledge the comment. No discussion, just responding.

Even in more serious threads, there isn't any discussion, just an opinion depository. Say your piece, leave. Nobody wants to ask questions of one another, except in rare occasion when a fight starts. There are no discussions.

If we want to have more lively forums, we need topics with some controversy, something that people can disagree upon or at least exchange ideas and talk about them.

And to top it all off, our users are too young to care or even form good arguments. They lack the maturity or knowledge to carry on an advanced discussion. In due time, we may just become a small version of Gaia, which I really do fear. I already feel like an uninterested baby sitter in chat some days. Perhaps the older users see an entirely different site than the younger/newer users do.

@Deathy i know that LOL but like maybe the thread thing should turn red or something because i dont usually check something unless i have a notification (blame facebook) like not on the inbox

i agree with @Discourteously because people dont live in the same area and the maturity levels are quite different people have a hard time having a good thread going...

Cough this is why other forums have games boards cough (I'm not saying it would give tcl a good kind of life. Just... Life)

I never start a thread unless I'm sure someone will post something interesting/funny in it. And most threads in here are only worth posting in one time, since no one will reply to your "I have blue panties". Well sometimes, maybe, but not very often.

There are not so many threads I can say I really like, but there are a few. These are threads where people are helping, discussing, doing interesting projects, having a lot of fun.

Not to bash or anything, but the "What do you think Yin Yang is?" thread surprises me. Yin and Yang are two oposites, but they are also one. How many different meaningscan you get from that?
It's threads like that I think there is no reason to even say anything, since there is nothing to be said anymore. Because it's been repeated in that thread like >9000 times.


I am relatively active imo, and I will continue to be.

+1 to Lhyunsu

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