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Sketch requests á la Chou. (Thread)

Since I'm a lazy bastard, I'm not sure that I will draw everything that gets thrown at me.
I will turn down some requests, because somethings I perhaps aren't in the mood of drawing, or its just impossible for me to draw since I'm a noob, or I just don't like whatever you're requesting, or I'm just fuckin' lazy.

So mis amigos, you can now request. If there are spots available of course, if not wait for your turn.

1. -Reserved for @Acostoss - I don't know what he wants me to draw yet though.

If I described two of my original characters (not manga), could you draw them in a semi realistic style? Maybe realistic even?
I want to be able to see a face when I think about them. Not just a blury figuration.
I would appreciate it very much :D

@Noodle, that could take some time. But sure. I'm willing to give it a try! :D

could you draw a slightly cracky/wacky picture of professor stein from soul eater with a platypus?

Yay, thanks! :D I'll pm you the character discriptions ^^

Thats is all

I don't who Professor Stein is, or what a platypus is for that matter. Sorry. ):


Okay. Send away! :)

aww, alright. thanks anyways. you should google the platypus though! it's the animal that couldn't decide what it wanted to be.

Lmao. That sound like a funny animal.

There you go. It turned out shittier than I thought it would. Lmao.

Draw me in a cave! ...please?
Will you need a reference?

Dirt. Lots of dirt. Please?

draw me kida <3

draw 2 soldier in uniform of opposite side (eg us and nazi) hiding in a trench and looking at each other passionately, ignoring the gunfire above them.

Maid 8D


I'm sorry if it didn't turn out as you wanted, I'm not so good drawing realistic without a photo to draw after. I failed sorry.

.. So what to draw next?
You all request such a funny things to draw, I can't decide.

8D nice~~
draw me and my best friend :}

You didn't fail :D I like it. This really helps me develop my characters. Thanks! ^^

I've a song you can draw from :o...

A tulip that has fallen sideways due to the wind
Lightning ! Flash!
Rain pours down
a leak through the cracks
and makes two round puddles
It's a fishing hook
We made dried fish with what we caught

Uhh, the lyrics dont make anys sense, but here's where it came from LOL.

Just draaw from the lyrics and show us what you get... I look forward to what you make LOL

Draw me spinning around in an office chair :D (inb4 I get turned down for being too new)

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