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Show off your manga and anime collection! ~Image heavy?!~ (Thread)

Just as the title describes. Show off your manga and anime collection.

Some of my pictures are huge, by the way.

My main bookcase.

My other book case.

My mini Arina Tanemura shrine.

More anime.

By the way, most of the manga I buy is from second-hand book stores.

First: I HAVE THOSE SAME DEAR AMERICA BOOKS. "Standing in the Light" and the Titanic one made me cry ;A;

Second: You've got good taste.

Third: I'll post my pictures when I finally get Death Note back from my cousin.

@TalTal19 I thought I was the only one. D:

Awh, thank you. ;~; Most of the manga I buy I regret so. (Like Love Hina, wait any Ken Akamatsu series.) I was thinking about selling InuYasha, Bleach, Love Hina, Negima?!, and this stupid yaoi manga that my friend gave to me as a joke.

i didnt know FLCL was a manga too .O. imma go buy it now

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