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Why do you love humans? (Thread)

I recently read a post about why people hate humans... Or rather, humanities flaws. I was struck by the amazing and well thought out responses that thread got. I want to know what you people love about humans and their good qualities.

As Orihara Izaya said, "Humans. I love them!"

There mad dog bra! lol

@yenj Lol

They're amusing. Nof said.

///They Amuse me, Entertain me, give me
that good ol' laugh when i'm down so
sometimes yes i take pity on them///

you can never tell what other people are thinking until you've got to know them really well, even then they still can surprise you, that's what i love about humans.

I both love and hate humans. I will not speak of my hatred of humans but the things that I love about humans is that they can evolve and break through the system of the worlds lies. Humans are the most strangest creatures.

@anemone1 i agree. Humans are strange, and i'm glad you brought up the "Evolution" Thing. it can be taken both in a positive and negative light. Personally, what I like about humans that comes to mind right now is their ability to organize and share ideas.

@Selef Lol. true. ( <3 Your avatar btw)

@mizuri-tamanami thanks i like your a lot too

@anemone1 i couldn't agree with you more, humans always hold the power to push a bit harder and go a bit further, to break free of the chains that hold them back.

@Selef thanks!

And its always nice to know that even though you're only human, (pardon the overused phrase) You can always go that little bit farther.

@mizuri-tamanami & @selef: Yeah. The thing about humans evolving though is that some can not be released from the chains of life and can break by crumbling. Humans are also strange for that as well. Also believing in things that may not exist like religion, love, or trust.

@anemone1 True, true. But those things that may not exist, (depending on the persons beliefs) May well be the key to pushing forward, and without them humanity would stale and stagnate.

@mizuri-tamanami: That is also true. The things that may not exist like my examples may be the source to evolve into a greater being. Yet once the truth is revealed, the humanity itself would probably crumble. If the things like religion, love, trust, relationships, and probably the grand design of time itself were to come out in the light, then humanity itself would have a great evolution into many things that are yet to be revealed or probably come to an end.

@anemone1 True, but personally I feel that humanity is already starting to crumble as it is.

@mizuri-tamanami: What you say is true. Humanity is losing it's path to evolution and is gradually starting to crumble. And if humanity is crumbling, then the end of days is nearing, and Azrael can be put to rest.

@Anemone1 .... who is Azrael?

Azrael is called the Angel of Death. Azrael is said to be the one that creates the grand design. He keeps a book of all humans that were created and tells when each one is supposed to die. You can say he's sorta like the Grim Reaper or something. They say that when it's the end of days and that all humans are extinct, the book of Azrael will be destroyed, and Azrael can finally finish his job by dying himself. It's kinda like he asked God to give him his wish, and to grant it, he had to finish the job he was given. It sounds depressing to me. Here's a picture of Azrael, the Angel of Death...

@anemone1 i see.... That is slightly depressing.

its simple the way they react and decide on every day life.
and its cool how you can control the weak minded.

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