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Why do you love humans? (Thread) - Page 6

@ Xaiku i understand that emotions are a good thing to have.

@ setton

i've notice that humans are the only creatures that realie on the sence of emotion to either get through the day or even they life ... it's really fasinating

@ Xaiku it truely i would like to one day not have to realie on emotions the only one i need is love and i have that with my beloved

@ Setton Awwww thats what i mean and not war a Utopia a unifyed world thats what i'd like to see.... that why i'm going into the military to hopefull touch the hearts of not just my comrades but my enemies too to change the bad to good

with out humans there wouldn't be any fun. They do things I don't know and it disapears into the unknown,but yet it's like a hero being remembered forever on living knowing the past that was left behind. It's not hard to love humans it's so easy for me to be observing my window everyday looking for something interesting or waiting for it or even plan it. Bye bye!!! That's not all I can tell there's more reasons I love them so!!

@ xaiku thanks and good luck in the military and be safe that a great goal touching the hearts of both friends and foes. thats really sweet and heroic of you.

@ setton Awwww thanx Set .... i'm just doing what i think is right for this world ...and that's by spreading love and peace and hopefully not that much war....

the art they create can sometimes be amazing

@ xaiku i hope the world will be in peace one day but as long as my country is still under the thumb of britian me and my beloved shall never be in peace

I love them because they are interesting. Humans are the very essence of entertainment. Their actions, reactions, thoughts, beliefs, and personalities. I enjoy all of it. There is nothing better

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