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Kyuubi: Boy or Girl? (Thread)

Well my friend and I have been arguing over this for about a year now so... Colorless, is the Kyuubi in Naruto male or female? And is there any proof?

It sounds like a dude and looks like one. Therefore I can say it IS one.
I don't recall there being a trap beast thing before....

Haven't watched/read much so that's all the info I can give (the hyped stalled my progress).

I think the Kyuubi is a male. It uses the male terms when speaking and has both male voice actors. But we may have a SUPER MEGA PLOT TWIST to the true Kyuubi.

@Anemone1 I sense a new arc.

@FreeTicket: I don't know. I hope they won't create a brand new arc and play it even though we're in the middle of an arc.

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Thought you were talking about Kyubey. Don't know anything about this Kyuubi guy, but I'll say it's a guy.

@mon664 We already have a thread for that here: please don't post something not even close to the topic.

@mon664: You just love to get threads off topic don't you. If you do it even more, who knows what other members or the staff might do to you... (>=^0)

its a trap lol or just one pissed of male fox that hasnt gotten any in a long time lol

@Anemone1 He's already been banned.


@TalTal19: Well that's my final saying to him then.

...male I guess, I mean he sounds and looks like a male...

haha if u ask me.. gonna say.. SHE IS HE AND HE IS SHE


The Kyuubi could be a hermaphrodite...

I think the Kyuubi is male.

I believe it's male because of it's voice and intimidating expression.

Male a season 2/spinoff it reveals that Kyuubi is IN FACT a girl
2.maybe like pokemon Kyuubi is genderless

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