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Kyuubi: Boy or Girl? (Thread) - Page 2

Kyuubi gets my Male vote

Gets Female vote from me.

Either way it's a giant demon fox of doom. That's all that matters.

well if kyuubi is a yokai he/ she is both male and female, since yokai's don't exactly have a specific gender.

But IMO kyuubi is meant to be imagined as male

@animeftw: Are you saying that Kyuubi's a boy or a girl in your post?



Its not a boy of girl.

Kuubi gets my male vote.
The only time I've seen a girl-kyuubi is in fanfics xD

maybe all demons on naruto r genderless


///Spell off///

male. i totally believe it's a male. but then again...

I guess the question would be what is a kyuubi? if it really is just a creature with a large amount of chakra then it is possible that it doesn't have a sex

Kyuubi has no gender! IT. JUST. IS.

Don't know if anyone said this before me, jumped through the thread.

Kyuubi is, like every other tailed beast in Naruto, a demon creature more or less made from pure chakra. They do not have genders because they do not reproduce. Imagine what the world would be like if these giant monsters had sex, resulting in children.
Humanity would die within a couple of years, tops.

I did not quote this but it is my strong belief that this is the truth.

i think it male

Kyuubi is a male. He uses male terms and looks like a guy so he's male.

i guess gay :D or male or female ;D

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