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[Tut] Making noodles (Thread)


Today, we're going to make instant noodles the not-simple way. Why? Because why not.

What you need:

-Wooden Chopsticks (or something made of wood because they suck at conducting heat and won't leach more unhealthy chemicals than plastic, which is a good thing.)
-Whatever stuff you like to eat with the noodles (example: ham)
-Access to a stove
-Being hungry enough at 2 in the morning

1.Put pot on stove with some water (~150ml), and set heat to the highest setting.

2.While that's boiling, open your pack of noodles, so it's easier to dump everything in when the water's boiled. In this case, we have noodles (derp), and whatever flavouring your pack came in. In this case, it's what's probably MSG and sesame oil.

3.OK, water's boiling, so dump your noodles/flavoring in.

4.Using the wooden chopsticks, stir the noodles around. Do this for 2 minutes from when you dumped the noodles in the water.

5.After 2 minutes, turn heat off. You can dump the flavoring at this stage as well if you for some reason prefer that.

6.Put whatever stuff you like to eat with noodles (in this case, ham). Enjoy.

Thank you good sir, I needed to know how to cook @noodles. Question, Why is there plastic on your stove top? No wait, I already know~ Asians cover everything in plastic~

You have no idea how ridiculously true that statement is.


Nicely done.

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