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How Many Triangles (Thread)

How many triangles


Was wondering what you guys think. Please answer the poll, then post your answer again in the post and your reason. I will PM anyone with the correct answer and mathematical reason or method of counting!

Cookies to anyone who gets it right

Answer: Its 64 triangles, go figure it out

There are no circles

i saw 8

i also saw 8

8?! you better be kidding~

Dem "A" got triangles!

@InsaneBoredGame What about the "o" the "9" & the "6" ?

Dont worry if you saw 8, its perfectly NORMAL

damn ur right i see 26 NOW

now i see it in the 40-50 range

Guys, dont bother counting the triangle in 'A'!

okay blindly guessing here, I managed to count to something with 47 and then I lost my concentration, brain, view or whatever 'cause I didn't know anymore how many or rather which I have already counted.
something ABOVE 60.
... and now please tell me it's not eight for real xD

~_~ i see 48 and above

I say 42. Simply because you can't go wrong with that answer.

fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck i just came out of 3D modeling with polygons and triangles....CUT ME SLACK WITH YO TRIANGLES!

yup its more han 50 buttt

This reminded me of the scene in "I Know Pronounce You Chuck & Larry" about how you have to make it a circle not a triangle.

@odaime is right

IT is 64

i only saw 22 o-o

I swear to god it's 80, if it isn't then D:<. Oh and if no one asks for that cookie can i have it :3?

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