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Your Favorite music (Thread)

Favorite type music?


I want to see what type of music people listen too!

I like : techno, dubstep, and classic rock ^^

I dislike : country

please comment about your feelings and music, any favorite bands?

anything as long its japan's music....

I would tell you what I listen to, but you guys probably wouldn't know it.

rap/hiphop. But I also like R&B and rock. but mostly towards hip hop

i like mostly alternative rock, mostly indie stuff. but also jrock

same as @9mm
But I want to share, I am so boring.

I listen all kind of music ( rap, metal, eurobeat, classical ect ), I love to discover new songs, but I don't like when the singer shouts hurg. It's horrible.

I am a huge fan of 80's music, and mostly the ''NEW WAVE'' (eurodisco, synthpop) I love Depeche Mode and their music mostly between 80 to 87.
exemple :

I love also Talk Talk (Such a shame, Talktalk, It's my life), Soft cell (tainted love)

Next : Pop Rock, and my favourite is Wham and George Michael, I am crazy huge fan of George Michael's voice. My favourites songs : Everything she wants, Fredoom, Cowboy and Angel, Amazing, Brother can you spare a diem, and ect..

But there are also Queen, Phil Collins, Madonna <3

I love Astrud Gilberto, the only bossa nova musics I listen.

Thanks to Touhou I listen a lot of arrangement music Rock/Metal/Symphonic, I love PROGMETAL.

Classical, traditionnal music => Mostly oriental and japenese traditionnal music SHAMISEN FTW

Jazz <3, Rap/hip hop (Tamaonsen <3 ) touhou arrangements !

and finally I love Eurobeat, Techno, trance, house, electro music /mostly Touhou Arrangements

as conclusion : I listen a lot of touhou's arrangements and 80's music www

Old school rock!

JAPANESE, rap, r&b, country, heavy metal

Techno/trance babeh. I like the beeps and boops.

it's Indie not Indy.
( And it's called "hipster", and Indie goes back to the 80s where "hipsters" didn't exist yet, geez. )

I like Country and Rock
I dislike pop,hiphop and rap

Im into jrock, jcore, jrap. so anything japanese. LOL.

I like Taiwanese and Japanese pop music.

I question the meaning of "pop." In my definition, pop just means main stream music, and that's what I am used listening to.

I like rap alot but hip hop is better n theres also rock well I like the 3 I guess lol

japanese depends.

rock/metal/alternative/techno are my main stuff with music, but i like most things, even a little country.

I voted Metal, but there's other genres in the list that i like ( or love :)). That genres are indy, alternative and rock, and others, like j-rock.

I like almost every music, in almost every genre there are some good songs.
But the most I like Metal, Industrial, Electro, Classic and (J-)Rock/Pop.

My favorite types of music are rock and techno.

you should try industrial its rock with techno

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