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You're a food. (Thread)

What are you?
Now a good reason is not "MY FAV FOOD!"
It can be your favorite food, but as a reason, plznoooo.

As for myself..I'm like..
-ice cream because it's a comfort food & my friends come to me for comfort.
-a hard potato chip because I may not be the tastiest chip in the bag, but I sure am crunchy. (it's okay if you don't understand...)
(got this off their page :D)

Pon-kun's so cute...I am...cheese because I go well with anybody as does cheese.

Ice cream mochi,idk why.But I liek it.:L

no one has successfully consumed guardian3 and bragged about it to their friends.

no one has successfully consumed gasoline and bragged about it to their friends.

therefore, the food that best describes me is gasoline.

okay. everyone agrees gasoline isn't a food so let me try again.

No one can truthfully say: "I've eaten guardian3."

No one can truthfully say: "I've eaten a pteradactyl"

Therefore, the food that best describes me is

terodactyl aint a food

do kit Kats count? :)

If I were a food I would be EDIBLE PANTIES YUMMMMM lmao

Lolz. Edible panties.

strawberries with sugar =3

Sune-chan that's so boring...

i just love LOLCAKES~heheee

If I were food, I'd say I have to be Hot spicy chili....
.... because some people can't handle me.....

yup, i can't handle spicy

i'd be mustard cus i'm a musty turd. love you ponta LOL

iBunny stay away from my Pon-kun~ And LMAO

-french fries with chocolate (random)
-potato (relies too much on other things despite tasting okay alone)

I'm a Popsicle, because people love to suck on me.

LOL AK. How are you like french fries and chocolate?

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