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What is your favorite candy. (Thread)

Mine would have to be Gummy bears (Dey so gummy) or Skittles.
Caorcooorwo aoacwo ohooooorahwo.

My fave candy is of the angel type @Candytenshi :3

And I really love those lollipops that are sold for under a quarter. They are strawberry flavored and heart-shaped. Am not sure they have a specific name or brand...

Little Girls.

Coffee candy tastes so good~
Also all types of Puccho candy. o u o


Jelly Bellies. (:

Sour worms

Gummy worms and skittles.
But honestly, gummy worms from the start. Favourite childhood candy <3

White chocolate.


I am the weird person that actually likes Candy Corn.

Gummy bears and chocolate <3


Starbursts, Sour Skittles, and Gummy Bears...

Skittles and Willy Wonka Bars. <= My favourite sweet

I love also lemon sweet and cherry lolipop :3

Japanese gummy lollies.
I do like lollipops too. Chupa chups in strawberry are my favourite.

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