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とまれ! BAD POSTING PANDEMIC (Thread) - Page 2

nice thread, will keep this in favorites tab.

Thank you Lumiex!
I am grateful that you took the time to post this all.

Finally Stickied! <3 Good Job Lum, thanks!

Great thread! Lets hope the new people actually read it.

Best thread ever. Best fucking thread ever!!

Nice, Lumi. I hope everyone takes the time to read this...

Im Pretty sure a bunch of people told you how great this thread is, but i don't care So

Great fucking Job Lumi, this is truly a Great thread.

Let's hope that everyone will read it
Everyone including 13 year olds

I wrote this simply enough...
But they're 13...reading isn't cool.

Very good thread Lumi. I feel like we needed this. It's informative, without treating the reader like a child. That's what we need, people who don't need to be talked to like children.

Very nice job on this thread, it explains everything that everyone needs to follow, now we just need to make them read it.

Though I doubt I'll ever make a thread, I hope people actually read this <3

This thread should have flashing colors to make people read.

Wonderful thread.

I hope they read this and actually do as it says. Besides that, Amazing thread. <3

@Lumiex thanks first off for making the thread.
Glad you posted your thread that revised what admin had originally posted it was really well done. For that i congratulate you for how well it was made. Related congrats finally someone warns of Spooky in a clear and descriptive way that is key and i hope people read it and are thoroughly warned.
Hope to see people reading and making a change because of this!

@Lum: I read the entire thing. And it had long words that looked weird. And Spooky. What kind of witchcraft is this?

@SteviehQ Well I need to rewrite this shit when I have time. Erm, it's trolling witchcraft.
I got him good, Spooky can't do NOTHIN'

can i ask how to attach picture?

I read the whole thread

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