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Do you still like/believe in SE?


@Nagara & @break is right in that one, KH-II felt a bit better but only because it was Squaresofts first attempt in creating something new. Mechanics in the first game are always harder to grasp than in the second one since Square Enix was able to build on those, rather than to create something new.
As much as I like Kingdom Hearts I have to say that it's sad that Square Enix and Disney seemingly are not able to work together properly. Since at least Disney should still be able to create heartwarming epic stories they should do more than just recycle old stuff. Square Enix on the other hand should integrate their characters and their own tales in the story, they should make more detail to their games.

I really like KH BbS overall and 385/2's Story but when I look back the games feel empty and rather bland especially when it comes to towns which felt repeatitve and spots that should be lively, brimming with people. That wasn't just the fact in BbS the same "problems" occured in KH1 to Re:coded, Crisis Core and 3rd Birthday as well. Looking back on KH2 in comparison with Wild ArmsV... KH only gets the consolation prize, but that's only my opinion.
WA-V and IV were full of quests and things you could do, people you could talk to, they would reveal hidden quests, places or things you wouldn't even look for otherwise in a beautiful, vast world.
In comparison to that SE/Disney took a lot of steps backwards in their last few games.
It's kinda sad especially when you think about what all the movies and games from both companies accomplished in the past.

@Nagara people like you seem to love to play out "the hater card", when you're out of arguments don't you? This is quite shocking, so according to your statement, everyone who is not in agreement with the developers policities or loves their games to the point of not seeing the faults is a hater?
This is kind of degrading, not just for others but for you as well, I hope you realize that.
You might have already forgotten that it was not possible to patch games in the past, the product you bought back than was the real deal. Now people think about: "hey they could patch that, it'll be fine!"
That is the main problem with the developers nowadays "releasing a precieved half-finished game to stock it up with DLC we have to pay for later on."

I hope you understand that, though you are still free to call other people haters.
Despite all that it is also a positive factor for all gamers, since Playstation games could not be patched in the past, I guess this as well depends on the gamers point of view and their bags of money they own.

Ignoring the ignorance of @Nagara, let's look at this:

Type-0 Demo out!

I have to say, they've put WAAAAAAAAAY too many cutscenes and trailers into this DEMO. Be prepared to watch ~10 minutes of videos before finally getting in charge.
Also, the camera controls, automatical targeting, moves and more are simply bad. Really bad. You get stuck basically everywhere, struggle to even see your targets, and if you do, you probably won't hit them anyway, as your characters show off their spastic attack moves...

@DarkChaplain they should just go back to their role based fighting system. one of the main reasons to play oen of the newer FF's were always the designs of the special attacks, btu that just doesnt work with a real-tiem fightign system; they shoudltn try mixing that, and just stay with what tehy are or sued to be good at.

though of course long cutscenes and stuff before actually startign to play have always been part of this franchise s i dotn really care abotu that...

well this doesnt seem too good, though of course its always that demo's are unfinished and they could always correct the mistakes the fans poitn out after palying the demo. thats one of the two reasons fro a dmeo after all: suggestions for corrections and promotional purposes. i guess they would have learned their lesson to listen to their fan's demands after ff14. if not, screw them.

Well I'm just saying they're at least giving it now :/ Sorry for my attitude but It just got the best of me and I don't want to repeat something that happened here a year ago so I'm deleting my previous aggresive post. I apologize for that, really >.>

it took about 10 minutes to even get to see your character. every cutscene was followed by another one.
starting your first mission shows an airship cutscene, then followed by 2 long cutscenes before you can actually play again.
Not enough with that, there's a transitional loading screen every few steps, the areas are god-damn small.
The camera won't help you, and often when fighting bigger monsters, you'll get stuck, desorientated and simply helpless.

I really can only hope that they'll improve the system a damn lot. This stuff is so horrible as of now, Square Enix shouldn't risk the bad reviews...

@darkChaplain well that certainly does soudn a lot worse than even the stuff we had before... oh my... i dunno how long loadign screens are normal for psp, but from my ps2 version of secret agent clank, a port fromt he psp which had really long loadscreens too, i can guess how annoying that must be..

I completely understand your frustration in that matter, I've got similar feelings with Persona and "Tales of". Most people in germany don't even recognize those as RPG's. It's always "square Enix does the best, everything else looks completely horrible, that's why we won't give it a chance. Trails in the Sky has horrible graphics how could it compete with SE Games, what the hell is this Neptune, it looks absolutely attrocious."
It's alright to be angry about something like that, it really is, yet this "you're a hater stuff" goes to far, at least in my book. Since everyone nowadays wo doesn't particularly like something is called a "hater" on the net.
Since we're all gamers we should give every developer a chance, even if the game looks bad in most cases it can be surprisingly good.

That's why I opend this thread in the first place, I know there are a lot of people ranting about different stuff, they have the right to do so, if they don't like it. But since Square Enix wants our hard earned money for that matter and that on the double. And since they don't give out their games before release to honest reviewers who gave them a bad score before, it's quite surprising to me that most of the people here still treasure this company so much.
The labor conditions within the company seem to be unreasonable as well, like they are with Team Bondi (the ones that made L.A. Noire). I don't think anyone would work nearly 18-20 Hours a day for an online game like FFXIV if there wasn't any pressure. Yet most of the so called fans simply don't care about all of that, at least that's what it seems like.

I'm able to confirm everything now since I loaded the game, despite being sick again (*rolling eyes*). Seems like they fired the guy who made the lock on system because it's absolutely impossible to fight like that. Most of the time you have to fight blind, aka make 2 hits, then dodge, do that again and cast some magic, if you're lucky it hits. The areas are really small and the loading times really annoying, especially because you get the report on how long you're playing the game EVERY FUCKIN TIME as a loadingscreen, instead of artwork or god knows what.

I know it's hard to make a PSP game like this, the camera is always a problem, but here even the lock-on system doesn't work, which makes it even worse. especially so when there are up to 5 enemies at a time, this is more a guessing round and a walking FFXIII copy then a game.
Every 20 Steps in the demo a cutscene, then fighting, then a weird "enemy absorbing thing after a fight" and then another cutscene.

Things I noticed so far in Type-0:
- The mechanics are impossible
- summons are horrible to use, I don't wanna control Shiva! I want Sice or Rem, so why the fuck does summoning KILL my CHARACTER.
- Died 2 times while playing the demo for 45 minutes, why? because of the lock on system (which does not exist) and the camera, not because it's difficult.
- There are only 2 different NPC voices in the game so far.
- Sice is still awesome, such a pissed person
- Unlike they promised us: you can't switch characters all the time, sometimes it works, sometimes just no. Wonder why though.
- Environment looks good but it's useless since everything's so linear like in FFXIII.
- Fighting is horrible or rather the movements of the characters are completely random, why? because most of the time you can not lock on to the enemy! Even Monster Hunter isn't that unfair with the camera or the fights!!
- The longer I played the more I was surprised about various things, like the air ship, why did the have to kill of a chocobo at the start?, is there a reason why characters can't jump? and so on.
- it's like crisis core, just worse, much worse, crisis core was godly against this and this is my honest oppinion.

Hopefully the final version will be much better, especially in terms of camera angles and controls, believe me unless you haven't played it you wouldn't believe it. After playing BbS again this is even less believable since the magic system and the game mechanics were good.

Verdict for now: 4/10

@Alkaid okay that sounds really horrible.

on another topic, speaking of the "tales of" series, i was plannign to try those out btu i dunno which to start with or if there are some i can play with an emulator, or which are for ps2. i didnt really get informed igf there are PAL versions of the ps2 parts either, so if there arent, i will have to resort to emulators.... any advice on that matter?

and what the hell is up with killign a chocobo to start an airship, seriously?

hate to say it but europe never saw a Tales of Game except Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Symphonia 2 Knight of Ratatosk.
send you a PM with stuff.
Ah guess I wrote stupid stuff here, they killed off one chocobo up until now "without any proper reason".
The airship, of which Square Enix said that the payer would be able to control it at some point seems to be cutscene limited in the demo.
oh and invisible walls everywhere in the game, you can't even walk behind cars or over rubble. Would record a video once I'm well again but... for now I'd like to sulk in the corner because I once believed that Type-0 would be a really good PSP game.
Was mistaken... ... just want to sulk.

spoilers and.. ah what the know the same trailer policity as ever, there ya have it.

Well today Final Fantasy XIII-3 got it's own website... rejoice... fans of Final Fantasy XIII they might even water down the Fight system from versus and name it that. I wonder why they would want to make a third part of this game... since the second one already utilizes the very same battle system as XIII. So there might be a cliffhanger at the end of XIII-2 IF they decide to release XIII-3 for real.

Any speculations on that since XIII-2 uses the time traveling hypothesis as a basis?

@Alkaid so you think they try to make this whole thing an FF-higurashi?

PSH. More like Occult Academy.

Lol Well Square Enix already confirmed that there will be timetraveling in FFXIII-2 so it's not about what I think. ;)
I wonder how that will turn out to be, they said that the player could traverse through different states of Cocoon or ....rather Grand Pulse. So they might even recycle scenes at least that would seem to be high likely, if we reflect upon everything they have done until now.

The Player will also be able to collect certain "Quest Shards/Fragments" like in World of Warcraft from NPCs, by doing something for them (most likely fishing with that moogle vermin, find something or defeat monsters)
A few screenshots of the Yaschas Massif of different timelines follow up (thanks @ the german webiste CC for providing them)

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