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Fall Anime 2011 and Future Airings (Thread)

Admin Edit

Ok, seeing as how Havis23 cannot properly construct a thread, or cannot read the rules, this thread is being taken over, and is now about the new anime airing, starting with Fall 2011 onwards.

Obligatory CartDriver chart:

His original Post:

yO! well... I haven't watch all the new anime that aired now..
I'm pretty sure that not only me who haven't watch all of it..
so, if you watched or knew any new anime or any anime/ova that aired now/will be aired, please tell us the summary and give your opinion about it..
actually, I want to know about any anime that will be aired...

well.. there's many rumor about the 2nd season of Angel Beats! (Angel Beats! > 2ND Term...).............
and... there's also the rumor of Kizumonogatari.. Sequel of Bakemonogatari

Good luck deciphering that, kids!


If you think his thread was just fine before, I suggest you first read this thread, followed by the rules, then fire a PM at me, describing why you think his thread was perfectly fine before I intervened,

Thank you, and toodles~

how are they gonna do a second season of angel beats?

Kizumonogatari is not a rumor, and neither is it a sequel.

It's a prequel movie coming out next year.

And, like, what exactly are we doing in this thread again?

may I.. merge this thread, or delete it? <_< all these things can be found elsewhere on the board, using the search feature...

Well, is this either a Q&A? or a Question about What Anime will air? because there are other threads about either one. just like @DarkChaplain said.

~EDIT: And Admin Saves the day, Nice going there bro :)

Persona 4 animation... Me gusta.

Ok, reread the first post, w.

Damn, I love the new thread structure and topic! 8D

okay whats interesting?
busou shinki moon angel: not really much known, dunno mos tlikely it could either turn out liek strike witches whcih would be good or like IS which would be kinda meh.
well they could pull it to be soemthign completeky new and awesomebtu i doubt it.
guilty crown: saw the trailer, it looks pretty inteteresting.
kyoukai senjou no horizon: i really only know that i like the charactre design so far, so im gonna try it.


ika mususme season 2: i expect soem good laughs here.
working seaosn 2: i expect soem good laughs here.
Last exile: fam, the silver wing: im totally giving gonzo another chance for this. i expect them not to fuck this up or im through with them.
lupin III: seriously? whoa, woudltn have expected to see soemthign old liek this gettign another season..

MIRAI NIKKI: OHH, YEAH!!! been waitign for this quite long.

PERSONA 4: th animation: this, too is, gettign a YEAH!!, DAMMN YEAH!!


C³: doesnt hurt trieng it, it could be interesting.
Ben-to: it soudns and looks fromt he trailer pretty insane, but that coudl be good too. guess im gonan try it. maybe.

OVA: higurashi, IS , deadman wodnerland, SYD and kaibutsu oujo will be watched. the rest is nt really somethign i care abotu i guess.

MOViES: nothing really interestign here yet

@Chappy-Tan :Apparently out of everyone...there was only ONE fucktard who didn't read my hardwork.

Oh and this thread has my Seal of Approval <3 GJ

Will check out
Guilty Crown
C Cube
Kyuokai Senjou no Horizon
Persona 4

Might check out
Boku was Tomodachi ga Sukinai
Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle
Mirai Nikki
Last Exile: Farm the Silver Wing

Won't check out
Kimi no Boku
Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai
Mashiro-Iro Symphony
Busou Shinki Moon Angel

Dem Higurashi OVAs :3

Give it to me nao
Kizumonogatari. AKA Koyomi Vamp. OH GAWD IT LOOKS INTENSE.
Angel Beats season 2. I'd rather a set of OVAs than a new season, but whatever.

I am excited.

Will be watching: Persona 4, Mirai Nikki, Last Exile, Gundam, Guilty Crown, Fate/Zero, Shakugan no Shana, Phi Brain,

Persona 4
Phi Brain (It sounds... interesting.)
Guilty Crown
Last Exile
Working(what's this little icon here; can't see)!!
Mirai Nikki
Bakuman 2.

Vitamin X

Mardoc Scramble (THE ART.)
Tekken: Blood Vengence, because it's Tekken.
Hotarubi no Mori e
Toaru no Hikuushi e no Tsuioku

........... If I fail school, I blame the list.

I'd be happy with that new season for Working!!
Also, the Dead Man OVA has potencial.
Last exile: I really hope they don't f**k it up :/
Guilty Crown & Phi Brain: they both look interesting, they're on my list already.

:3 a new digimon is also coming out
i also cant wait for the deadman wonderland and gundam

i see a few things im interested in

No, that's still the same crappy sixth season that's still gonna be running.

Mirai Nikki it's all I need!!!!!

Persona 4(FTW)
Working!!(to pass time)
Mirai Nikki (FINALLY)
Bakuman 2(to pass the time)
Ika Mususme(SQUIDS)
Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai(YES)

lol, soo much anime on that list i wanna see...
EDIT: just saw the gundam trailers.........looks beyond lame

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