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Anonymous will 'Destroy' Facebook Nov. 5 *UPDATE* (Thread)


So it looks like this may be a fake. See the following article.

I assume some of you have already caught wind of this.

I strongly recommend that all Colorless go ahead and download your data from Facebook. Instructions below...

It will be interesting to see if Facebook is able to handle it. The fact that Anonymous is saying that they are going to outright 'Kill' Facebook, means to me that they've already discovered a way to actually kill it, possibly by deleting ...all user data/changing everyone's login info.

Since Anonymous is using the word 'Destroy', that would seem to indicate something a little more permanent than just a DOS attack. However, I imagine Facebook does backups of data and would be able to at least restore Facebook to an earlier point. Still, I would take the following steps. Better safe than sorry.

1. Log in to Facebook
2. Click the 'Account' drop down at the top right of the page
3. Click 'Account Settings'
4. At the bottom of this page, there is a link to download a copy of your data. Click it.
5. Click the 'Start my Archive' button.
6. A confirmation pop up window will appear. Just click the 'Start my Archive' button again.
7. Wait for the e-mail that tells you a copy of your data is available for download.

I read about this early and I still want to smash my head against my desk.
I don't see why it's such a big deal if these claims are true and the government does know all my information. Obviously these government agencies aren't going to bother you if you're not doing anything wrong, and those who are deserve to be found out.
Besides, Facebook is one of the most popular networking sites and is one of the only ways I'm going to actually be able to stay in touch and find out what's going on with a majority of my friends when they go off to Uni. I don't understand why Anon want to, and think they can, rally people against something which lets them communicate with all their friends and family.

@Bones - The thing is, government agencies ARE bothering people. In nations like China, they can use this information to look for government dissidents. This is a problem since the Chinese government can then turn around and either arrest these people, or make them 'disappear'. Sure this isn't true absolutely everywhere, but there are places where it is a problem.

Facebook is essentially handing governments the metaphorical 'gun' to kill you with. From the perspective of Anonymous, Facebook is being grossly irresponsible with the data that user's are trusting them to keep safe. How would you feel if a credit card company shared your personal information with random people on the street?

Why would you trust a government with the same information? Do you know the members of your government personally? Probably not.

It's equivalent to handing a gun to a random person on the street... turning around and walking the other way... and trusting them not to shoot and rob you.

You're basically trusting the government to make the right decision, that you haven't done anything wrong. You're too trusting Bones! I still love you though :D


So it looks like this may be a fake. See the following article.

Remember, remember, the 5th of November~

I feel that it's your own damn fault if you put up so much information on Facebook. Use proxy numbers, fake emails, etc. Otherwise, you really don't have any right to complain.

I also feel a little sad about this~ It used to be so much fun, digging up little bits of information about people I didn't know, leading to their home address and phone number, all from a picture they posted of themselves, online.

@acostoss - I kind of feel ya. At the same time, to me, that's a similar argument to a rapist saying "She was asking for it" due to the fact that the victim was dressed provocatively. That's not a perfect metaphor, but I hope you see my point.

It's obviously a stupid decision to post personal information on the Internet for all to see. However, that doesn't excuse those who commit crimes/attempt to hurt others by using that information.

Challenged accepted bro, if they wanna dig then sure~ I'll make sure every damn piece of information is related to Yaoi desu.

Regardless of the pending threat to Facebook, what the hell ever happened to the real Anonymous? All the newfags want to go around vandalizing sites for the hell of it, causing trouble. It's pretty irritating.

I think /b/ and anon are dead. The torch has been passed down to people who don't really get the idea. Therefore, the group becomes the sum of it's parts. Young, annoying, rebellious, destructive. It's not what it use to be, it's practically an internet gang now. They just fuck around to invoke fear and look cool.

It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

Oh, Anonymous.

Oh wow. -___-U
Don't these people have anything better to do...

Oh no, they're messing with Facebook. Truly, this is a loss for humanity...

@VivoDePyre Main reason why I quit 4chan. /b/ is dead~

I say, let the bastards wage war on each other and hope for only a minimum number of survivors?

The best way to destroy the information would be to use an EMP on all the physical servers themselves...

This video is either a really successful troll, or they are giving out detailed false information as a diversion. I.e. on the 5th, Facebook will probably deny server access to e'r'one (maybe by shutting them down temporarily) and personnel might actually be hired to protect the physical servers themselves. Then, a week later, the building housing these servers get bombed, or something to that extent.

Another way would be to introduce a virus or a worm that remains latent until the 3rd, right about then it would proceed corrupting (a LOT) of data, which can probably take years, but by then they'd be able to fix it.

But those kind of viruses are easy to detect and the corruption of files can only be done while the servers are still powered and running.

So um...maybe a script that shuts down the cooling systems of the server, and increase output power to 100%? Idk. Let's try to predict what they'll do :D

@guardian3 as nice as it is that you're contributing to our discussions, please don't double-post all the time =/

The Government should be upset. Facebook was started as a way for the government to gather all of your personal information XD

@guardian3 You know an EMP involves using a nuke? Well, you could use other methods, but all are difficult.

Even if Anonymous does this, someone will make something better. In fact I bet someone is making something better as we speak. Facebook pushed the boundaries, but I wouldn't call it good. I don't use Facebook, even though I have an account. I could just use E-mail if I really wanted to. The bottom line is, even if they do "destroy" Facebook, it shouldn't "destroy" your social life. If it does, you need to have 30 minutes of computer time for being a good child and then be locked outside until dinner.

@Kuru: Um, no. There are EMPs that don't require the use of any explosion. I doubt Anonymous could find any way to get their hands on em though.

@Decae I think he understands that. He was saying that other methods are difficult which is true. The fastest way to get an EMP effect would be to use a nuke.

@VivoDePrye It's London on the internet.

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