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Anonymous will 'Destroy' Facebook Nov. 5 *UPDATE* (Thread) - Page 2

Interesting. Very interesting. I used to have a face book account back it was deleited because of false information. I never use my real name or real info. I never trusted facebook and other sites. And I still wont for personal reasons. I had another account and used another name but I got bored. I would like 'Personly' to see facebook destroyed. Sorry but I kinda wana see it. Anyway I only used facebook to contact people nothing more. I wonder what the outcome of this will be.

  1. Complaining about /b/ or 4chan's 'good days' is futile. The board has always been shit, with it's bursts of genius. That is why most users move onto the other boards, and find a home there.

  2. 'Anon' has changed a lot ,but not really due to the changes to /b/. It's give and take. With the takedown of most of the /i/ boards, things became a bit more grassroots. It was a pain in the ass to organize the Second/Third Anniversary Habbo raids, without those boards.

    Now, with talk of raids getting you permabanned, things have gone offsite, making it easier for non-4channers to join in on the LOIC'ing. This also makes it easy for others to rally under the name, if they have more prowess but don't want to have the 'trail' that making your own group can leave you with.

    If this were a real attack/thing, it'd probably be the latter, a group similar to LULZSec. They may or maynot have found a backdoor to FB, and wish to rally under that name, for simplicity. If not, I'd just see it as some kids with LOIC, going to ping the shit outta FB.

  3. @Nandaba, get in here and clear up anything I am wrong on, you sexy fucker.

Source: I have spent way too much time in this shit.

I honestly don't care if someone destroys facebook or not. Actually I'd be excited and overly happy if that happened. Facebook is a waste of time plus its depressing. Too much gossip and stupidity on there. Facebook also makes you feel like a stalker SERIOUSLY! The only reason I still have one is because well everyon else does.

I don't always use facebook
but when I do it's to contact people when I don't have their phone number.

Who even uses facebook anymore? It's not even fun or anything, and if you put your information on there you're a fucking retard.

ahahah facebook does not just make you feel like a stalker, it makes u a stalker! you cannot defy the urge to see what other people r doing. its stupid but thats the way it is :S

i hope anonymous destroy facebook :)

The destruction of Facebook. That's something I'd like to watch. The only thing I lose is a way to talk to people I barely even talk to in real life. Though I can't say much for the people who are up 24/7 doing who knows what on that site.

i dont have any particular attachment to facebook. Whether it's destroyed or not is fine with me. Although, i have to admit that i would rather it destroyed just to see the hilarious reactions that some Facebook freaks would make.

@KinoSakata Same :D
If only you didnt get those ads, Facebook, I would be fighting to protect you </3

Hm, I use it mostly to keep in touch with family. Guess Mr.Tingles had best get them a new site to use lol.

Hm, how interesting. I do hope that the group carries through with this. I can't wait to see how all these people who live their lives on Facebook react! Oh, god, it'll really be something to record!

There'll be lots of whining, of course. Confusion. Frustration. Oh, come faster, November!

And then there'll be those few who cock their heads to the side and say, "So what?" And the ones who can't help but smile at the beauty and irony in the situation.

It's November the 5th. Any news?

already november 6 over here. so at least the european branch didnt go through with it after al, nor the asian branch. i doubt much is gonna happen.

That sucks. I was looking forward to it :(

I guess anonymous is only good for trolling Oprah and Scientologists.

We found out long ago that this threat was not credible. Read the update in my first post.

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