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[Long]Skateboarding community on CL (Thread)

Hey, Lhyunsu here, I was just wondering how many people here on CL longboard or skateboard. I myself have found a few people, only person in particular i remember is @Wolfangle, but i really wanted to see how many people there actually were. Thanks for any posts in advance. :)

Skate dont Hate

I guess im already counted for :3 I hope to become a sponsored skateboarder one day.

Tbh i only longboard to have fun:) sponsoring is just a bonus:D

:3 same here~ T~T the only problem with my skating is a got fricken chicken foot...oh btw, what type of longboard do you have? annnd, maybe you should change the title so its just not longboarders that come :3 include the skaters

I don't skate much anymore, I still longboard to get around though. Sector 9 longboard with a pin tail, about 4ft long.

i just street skate XD

i hope that one day when im older that i can go on a road trip across the country to skate some of the best spots there is :3 and ive never skated in a skatepark or im just a street skater for now

bump :3 i need my daily feel of skate chat

nice nice i guess there arent many longboarders but more skaters:)
anyone have any videos of them skating?
ill try to post one of mine soon:D
Please tell any other skaters you know on Colorless about this thread arigato:)


Try changing the title to "Long/Skateboarders community on CL" It attracts Skateboarders ;)

@Oversol Yea ill do that:)

bump..any skaters out there? T~T im having major problems with my grinds

I used to skate until but i got too many injuries from it and it hurts if i try so i dont bother with it anymore. But my favorite brand is flip i had the most fun with those lol best trick i used to do was a switch laserflip which was difficult lol my friends were jealous. I tried getting sponsored so i tried to get as good as i possible can until my injuries lol.

@Wolfangle How so?

i cant find my balance in my boardslides and i hate falling, so i cant even jump into them=.= im also in this skate crew and 2 guys learned how to kickflip this month and im getting pissed that only my back foot lands on the board when i heelflip. =.= and it doesnt help when there's also 2 sponsored guys in the crew.. >w< im pissing my pants in pain at sucking

@Wolfangle When you boardslide don't try to land on the center of the board, your momentum will make you off balance. It just takes time to find you're center with it. Heel flip or kick flip? You kind of switched it up when you were explaining it. It's good that you're skating with better kids, just become friends with them. Over time you'll get better, if they enjoy your company they'll keep skating with you regardless of skill.

umm, what i mean is that they're showing off their new kickflips..but i heelflip but it still pisses me off

@Wolfangle So, just learn to kick flip...actually learn to ollie. You may say, "I know how to ollie", but then I'll say, "how high?" If you're not a foot off the ground at least you can work on your ollie. From there you incorporate all the flip tricks, grinds also get much easier and you can do more of them.

so i video taped myself last nite of 1hr footage of me doing heelflips :P my problem is that my board keeps going behing now i gotta lean back more and tr to center my head and my weight..btw, i can ollie at like a foot and a half..

@Wolfangle You're either heel flipping by kicking the board down with your heel, or you're spazzing out somehow. You should just kick your foot out to give it the spin, then just let it do the work. It's the same as the idea behind a kick flip, but you don't have the forward motion with the kick.

..btw, i can ollie at like a foot and a half..

Good, do some difficult grinds.

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