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[Long]Skateboarding community on CL (Thread) - Page 2

._. long have you been skating for? ._. and im always afriad when i enter grinds x_x i think im asking for too much advice

@Wolfangle My whole life, I was also sponsored. Although, I surfed more than I skated and went further with surfing. my fears depended what I was grinding. If it was a level lower height ledge, not scared. A hand rail would increase the fear by a lot. If you always try to do new difficult things, you can't go wrong. It doesn't have to dangerous things. I've removed some of the fears, because I've taught myself restraint and how to not bite it. Seeing as you wish to be sponsored as well shooting for difficult tricks is good.

Also, skating with people better than you is a gift. You'll learn a lot from that just by watching. If you're lucky you'll get advice when attempting something.

:D thnx man

x.x 1 month later and i still cant heelflip ~.~ but i can boardslide

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