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Defense Devil (manga) (Thread)


Kucabara was recently banished and stripped of his powers. In order to regain his powers, he needs Dark Matter (ダークマター Daaku Mataa?) which is found from human sinners. He decides to become a Defense Devil in order to get dark matter.[3] A Defense Devil's duty is to prove the innocence of human sinner of his or her crime; once that is done, a Defense Devil shall be allowed to take the sinner's dark matter.[3] Kucabara then must prove the sinner's innocence before a Shinigami (死神?, lit. Death God) takes the sinner to hell. ~from Wikipedia

I just finished this manga today and it was amazing!! Great story and characters and nice art too in my opinion. I highly recommend it. This series needs more love!!!

It was a good manga but I really didn't like the ending. It left me hanging for more and exciting scenes. I've been with this series from the start and I liked it.

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