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Netherland and German Colorless plz help! (Thread)

I'm going to Netherlands and Germany next month and I want to know that would be awesome to visit! I'll be really happy if you could help out. Also what would be a good thing to bring back as a gift to my country(Thailand).
(p.s. how's the weather there? 10c˚?)

okay, places to visit? deifnately go to düsseldorf, to the immermannstraße where there are many japanese stores and a huge hotel, and soem sushistores. also in düsseldorf is a japanese garden near the aquazoo where many cospalyers usually meet. half of them are not so well, narutards or stuff liek that, but there are enough nice people and good people, so you can visit! actually, you could tell the other german colorless people when you will be there, we could meet.

@break ._. need to go to Düsseldorf..........................................ICH WILL ICCCCCH WILL~~

I'm not sure about things to visit, but I must warn you about the weather.
It's summer, but it's not summer at all. It's raining all day and I think it will only be worse next month. This year was terrible.
Hm. You know, it depends on where you go exactly. If you're in North Germany, you might want to visit the sea and eat some fish. That's what tourists do there.
And if you're in the South... go drink a beer in Bavaria and try on some leatherpants. XD' (Though they're quite... embarrassing for the rest of Germany, actually.)
And if you're looking for a gift that shows stereotypical Germany, what about a plush bear with leather pants? xP

I don't know if you are looking for nerdy stuff here. If you do, go to Düsseldorf. It's like a paradise for japanophiles. But since you're from Thailand, I guess you get the stuff they sell there for a much cheaper price at home. (It's like 2-3 times more expensive than it was originally.)

well we coudl all meet there and show asuka how it is over here, thats why i thought..

thank you very much every, especially Break. :D
If you wouldn't mind meeting and showing me around I would love to go sight seeing around Düsseldorf and other place. But I would be spending most of my time in Netherland so I will have to see my schedules again. Don't see anyone talk about Netherland yet... :(
Still... Thank you very much Break and Lazu

no problem, if oyu want sightseeign in düsseldorf you just need ot tell me when you will be there and stuff

Stay away from Germany, people are weird over here!
They don't show you what they like to eat here, but what you can already eat at home.
They listen to stupid ass music and imitate other cultures where they have no own.
They hate their past yet are condemned to repeat it.

Berlin is fine, I guess, but kinda really dirty in the tourism-center, and there are a lot of weird people around the TV Tower, and if you can stand waiting, the Bundestag is fine. Travelling through Berlin by Bus is fun, as the lines are pretty well laid out, and you'll get to see a lot of different things - there are some lines that focus on sightseeing as well.

As for the weather, well, it's still end of summer, so I'd expect the temperature to be around 15-20°C, depending on how the weather develops now. It's been pretty much raining all summer, from 30+°C down to 15 at night once in a while.
I don't think the temperature will fall below 10°C in September yet, though.

Well, personally, I'm a fan of stuff you can put onto a shelf. Something like a glitter-snowglobe with some sight inside, or something else that you can actually show around and look at when remembering "back then". As for the actual sights inside, we have plenty of 'em!

Anyway, I hope I could help a bit. Berlin is basically fine, and if you're not on your own, you can have plenty of fun moments!

Wow that's a lot of information, thank you very much DarkChaplain you helped me a lot.
I thank you again Break for your kindness.
Hitler-kun, thank you very much my Führer for scaring me =_= and I think that description also applies to my country as well so I think I can adapt.
I just noticed that there is quite a lot of German in colorless community, well this will be interesting, hope I might meet some of you guys there :).

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