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Ghosts and Spirits, Do They Really Exist!? (Thread)

just wanna know if ghosts, spirts or what ever else they use these days. do they really exsists or are they just stories made by old forks to scare us. and even if they do exsit is there really a way to conncet with the dead and if so wouldn't spirts or ghosts question religion in a way of what happens after death? just wanna know what you people really think. serious thinking people XD

It really just depends in what you believe in and your culture. I kinda do believe in it but at the same time I don't. Like they say, "You got to believe in it, to see it."---said by someone...

When I was a kid I used to believe in Santa, Tooth Fairy, Jesus, Ghosts, and witches. Now... not so much.

@One same with me. just that i didnt believe int hte tooth fairy

They are on the same plane as UFO sightings, too many reports of them to say for certain that they don't exist but than such an odd mysterious thing that is so spontaneous that its too hard to believe in it. Scientifically the old motto is if it ca be repeated its science, but than there has been so many weird things that have happened. I mentioned in a post somewhere about a ghost being around my house, I like to think that there is something more to the world because curiosity and open-mindedness is what is needed in science

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thanks @admin i guess i didn't re-read what i posted

just wanna say are ghosts really just the soul of humans or are they more to just that? what if spirts where a new kind of supernatural beings something that is unknow to the sources of scientific knowledge. sorry if hat i just said was weird but its i'm curious :3

THEY EXIST!!!!!!!what's wrong with u ppl?!!!!!!!!!of course they exist!

I don't say that they do or do not exist, I just don't believe in them ^_^

i believe on them i seen some before and heard them in my home
you got to see one to believe on them for those who don't believe on them
Sometimes people need to realize that there are things greater than
what we can see, feel, touch, taste, hear, etc.

Sweet, the 4th or so ghost related thread.

Good god. No offense, but I need to restore some brains to this thread. I'll warn you now, I have a soft spot for occult, supernatural, paranormal.

Anecdotal evidence is the reason none of this can be considered a science. Parapsychology is still considered a pseudo-science primarily because of things like this. Nobody can take it seriously because everybody has seen a ghost and so many things are lumped together. It's not because the core is corrupt, it's because the people who display interest have the skepticism of a toddler.

Before I go on and make everybody mad as hell, I'll say I understand. I was at that point to, where the unknown world fascinated me. Where I wanted to believe my house was haunted, that ghosts were everywhere, that otherkin existed, psychics, etc. It's fun to think about, and to talk about. To guess what rules may dictate their existence or the details of possibility.

However, assumptions are the bane of progress. To overlook logic in favor of fervor. It's all fun and games in the eyes of many. However, also mind you that every person who wants fun and games, to play with ghosts and train themselves to become a psychic, is harming progress. The capable ideas of scientist and researchers are being overlooked by "Oh my god, my house is haunted. I hear noises at night"

So please forgive me if I'm bitter. If I see a discussion about this, with a person asking for serious responses, I don't like seeing this stuff. I won't ask people to stop posting, have fun. This isn't a research forum, it's for fun. I understand not everybody wants to engage brain and have a drawn out logical discussion.

I just want to get it across to the many of you that your belief in ghosts does not make them real. That noise you hear at night does not make ghosts real. Tracking EMF levels in spooky looking locations does not prove the existence. (but that's another rant.) I just needed to get that out of my system, I've been frustrated about this for awhile.

TL;DR Don't confuse idle guessing with proof. Have fun, just know the difference.

(Not doing too bad so far, by the way. Keep up the better than mediocre work!)

@VivoDePyre thank you for that explanation. but there is one thing which has been bugging me for so long. Are ghosts the souls which roam around the world because they couldn't go into the after life since there is something that's preventing them to. If so, why is it that we are able to see them?

Another thing is that i still do not fully understand what the BIG difference is between a Ghost and a spirit?

Well, as people many like to think now, they aren't even disembodied souls. The current idea is based upon something called emotional residue. While people can find strange electro magnetic fields or whatever abnormality, nobody (credible) has found signs of sentience. In other words, it may exist, but not with the ability to think or decide.

That being said, people believe that massive trauma may leave an emotional residue of sorts. That in some way, a person's feeling imprint upon that area and leave an impression of the traumatic moment. Of course nobody can prove this either, because we can't measure it or even control it in a lab.

However, an interesting study showed (I read it in a book, but I don't know who performed the study) that people feel as though an area is haunted in the abscence of what one may consider signs of life. It's not when you feel like somebody is there, it's when nobody else is there. It makes sense, because if a ghost can leave some trace of existence, it should follow that a human maintains the same ability (assuming we have souls and that a ghost does as well). Because we're always surrounded by people, we only feel the change when there is nothing there.

And to your other question, these terms have been used as synonyms for a long time and their meanings have been juggled around until they just meant the same thing. In native american culture, spirits referred to almost exalted beings. Representatives of some sort of wisdom or power. They would be consulted for help or protection, but not seen as evil or malicious. They don't have to be gods or anything, they're simply beings who have passed on and may help you some day. Ghosts have a more negative connotation, and imply a person who hasn't passed on. A big distinction is the mindset. A ghost has no reason to be here, and has some sort of flaw, struggle, or obstacle. However, a spirit is implied to have passed on but can be contacted from this worldly plane.

My knowledge is a little rusty though, so take what I say with a grain of salt. If you're actually interested, I can pass on some good reading material.

@VivoDePyre just by reading your post just actually made me psyched about it. Sure that will be really awesome and i would love to do more research of this and broaden my knowledge of this and help me answer more questions that really bug me.


People believe that massive trauma may leave an emotional residue of sorts. In other words, it may exist, but not with the ability to think or decide.

If this is true, then my only lead on proving an afterlife exists have been proven wrong. Damn you science! I love you~

And yes. I totally paraphrased you.

Answer to the OP: no they don't. Now move along, kids!

Well that has to be the most constructive, good intended post I have seen in a while.

@Zinus thanks man, that means a lot :)


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