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Ghosts and Spirits, Do They Really Exist!? (Thread) - Page 2

I think they do, but as "noises" from other dimensions. OwO

I believe in the soul, so yes, I would have to say yes I believe in them somewhat.

just bumping to get rid of the old necrothreads (ignore mee)


necrothreads = annoying shit :/

wow my vocabulary is constantly expanding <3 thanks neko ;)

Ghosts yes, Spirits yes. Spirits are basically Ghosts in a finer form.
Even though spirits come in various forms, nature, demonic, parasites, etc, ghosts are only spirits of humans.

I don't want to tell you that you have to believe in them. I do but that's because of my culture. I will not force my opinion on you or anyone else when I say that though. You are free to make up your own mind about that.

They exist!!! Ghosts? Spirits? They do! Zombies? They will! Just wait for the apocalypse!

i know they're real, i've just never seen one. but see isn't believeing right?!

i hope if i ever do see one, i could communicate with it .... safely

@AsktreRisk you're right about "seeing isn't believing" but hey that's where faith comes in and yep many do claim that they have seen the dead :D

@PigBoss so do I!! i just don't want to be chucked into the other end of the room or to have my head dislocated

I really really hope they do! I tried to see one by loitering around a graveyard alone one night and I even called them out... to no avail :(

It was really pants-shitting scary but nothing happened

I also tried to catch my grandpa's spirit when he died. I was sitting next to his body in his room with no one else around but still, no spirits no nothing! Then I got tired and went to sleep next to him and he wasn't even in my dreams (I was dreaming about something fun only to wake up next to a corpse OTL)

Really, what does it take to actually see one?

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