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What's the best job you think you've had? :D (Thread)

I'm only asking this out of the blue because I'm curious plus I'm on a job hunt again. I've been looking for a job all summer long! An a lot told me not hiring, you need to be a certain age, and call me back. So I have a feeling you've been through all this but what was it the best job you've had or no? Was it fun? Did you get paid well? Enlighten my young mind! :D

@LaztMusicman I like you, had been searching for a job this entire summer, until I as hired at a coffee shop. It's a pretty cool job and all but, the owner is a gay(literal) asshole. He acts all nice but, he has a secret power crave which pisses me off sometimes. As long as I'm not working with him it's a fun job. I suggest looking for a job at a small business that is looking for a community image. Also, always ask if they are hiring first and if yes, then fill out the application there not at home. That way when you give them the application you can state something that makes you desirable and will make them actually want to read it.

Hmn~best job? I'd sy working at my aunts bakery....thou its only a part-time job looking for another job is hader then i thought -_-'

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