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Proper grammar and spelling (Thread)

I've seen quite a few users here not use proper grammar and spelling. I'm no Grammar Nazi, but I hate seeing people from America (and England I guess) type so badly. I give people from other countries a break.

I have bad spelling and grammar at times I'll admit, but I type really fast. Either way, I'm here to educate you guys!

Difference between 'Your' and 'You're'

This is one problem that everyone has, the difference between those two words. There is quite a huge difference, however.

The correct usage of you're right:

"You're cute.~" or "Y-You're a idiot!"

You're is really a conjunction between two words. You and are.

The correct usage of your:

"Good sir, your ego is showing." or "Your opinion is just useless you assfuck."

Your is not a conjunction like you're, but it's just another word. One that we use a lot.

Use Spellcheck!

Spellcheck is one any browser nowadays. Except IE, fuck that shit.If you don't have it, get it. Especially if you don't speak English fluently.

However, don't rely on it too much. Sometimes spellcheck isn't the solution, a good ol' dictionary is. For word usage wise anyway. is a good website for word usage.

Word slang

It's no secret, I love word slang. I use it all the time, I was raised by a Mom who is from the South, and I live in Chicago, so it's to be expected. It's A-okay to use word slang, despite what your English teacher says. Its apart of couture, something of which so many people are detached from. But that's totally off topic.

However, internet slang like 'u', 'r', 'ur', is just being lazy. You can use some internet slang (like lol, which I'm guilty of), but typing out relevantly short words to begin with like that? No way.

Know the word usage before you use it!

This is pretty much expanding my 'Don't rely on spellcheck alone' point I made above.

Please, please look up a word before you use it. You could end up looking like a complete moron to some people if you use a word wrong.

For example, I've seen people use 'retard' wrong before. It is a huge insult to people who have mental disabilities. I judge people who use it all the time. It's a forbidden word to use nowadays. Terms like 'moron', 'idiot', and 'stupid', are alright to use if you're calling someone out.

Off topic

This... kind of relates to this thread, since there's some serious off topic moments in this thread.

But I've seen it before on CL. If it's a random thread, then yeah you can be off topic. But if it's a serious thread, like the London Riots thread or even this one, try and stay on topic. If you're too lazy to not read the entire thread, then take a moment to read the thread, or just don't reply at all.

Difference between 'they're', 'their', and 'there'

Like with your and you're, this is quite common too. All three of these words have different meanings, and uses.

**The correct usage of 'they're':

"So they're moving out, huh..." or "They're all dumbasses."

Again, they're is actually a conjunction of two words. They and are.

The correct usage of 'their':

"That is their's, Jimmy!" or ... I'm not that original.

This one is a mixed bag, and I have always had trouble with it myself. But, it's supposed to be when your too lazy to type out someones name. I never use it in real, or even my web life. So, uh, yeah.

The correct usage of 'there':

"We are there.~" or "Fuck you, there are ten apples on that apple tree!!"

Get the gist of it? Really, I see a lot of people use there in place of they're. They're two different words entirely! Remember that!

Please don't take this thread as harassment.

I'm really just educating you guys. Just because it's a fourm, or even a chatroom, doesn't mean that you can't use spelling and grammar properly. If you live in English speaking countries and want to find a job? You'll have you use proper grammar and spelling, or else you will have a low paying job.

We all make mistakes, but the things I pointed out in this thread are major problems I see around CL.

I hope you learned something because of this thread.~

I may add more later, by the way.

4 sum1 hu dont want make spam.. u sure r spammin up the forums

yes i wrote that way on purpose.

your just askin 4 sumone 2 troll this

Guys, seriously? Grow the fuck up.

People, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I support @Ashkachan in that one.
Take this seriously or at least be productive and contribute to the topic at hand.

I'll delete trolling/unproductive bullcrap from here on.

the thing is, we all agree and we know that people should use correct grammar, but with most people its not that they arent informed. They just dont care or want to take the time to think about it and thread isnt going to change that.. thats all im saying.

@DarkChaplain: :(

@InvisibleRainbow Like I typed in my thread, you need proper grammar and spelling in the real world, otherwise you're fucked in the long run. Not sure how it is in countries that don't speak English, but I'm sure you have to spell properly.

@Ashkachan yeah.. i dont write totally grammatically correct when im on here because i dont have to. even tho i dont here does NOT in anyway mean im "fucked in the long run." so basically on a thread site, it doesnt really matter, even though it does getting annoying sometimes. All i was saying before is that you didnt want me to spam with my Amaimon thread and then you make this thread thinking its actually going to impact someone?

Slang is fine as it's still the same, usually just shortened. Yet I've witnessed a few members misspelling whole paragraphs which is really irritating. So I fully support this call to at least spell so people can understand what the hell your talking about.

@InvisibleRainbow My problem is, I've seen people turn in actual projects, essays, what have you with terrible grammar and spelling. These weren't 10 year olds either, 15-16 year olds. They should know better. Heck, I know better, and double check everything I do before I hand it to the teacher.

Why did you bring that Amaimon thread up in this thread? Um.

i just told you why i brought it up, because you making a thread about something you are now directing at people at your school wont affect them.. which is spam, is it not? its kinda a pointless convo, all who comment here are going to agree and those who dont, still wont change their ways

I just like my SHIFT button and LoLspeak. I also claim both stupidity and insanity to avoid any persecution or prosecution.

@InsameBoredGame That's fine.~ Everyone uses those on here. I love my shift key.~


See? thats why you need that hiatus ASAP.

I cannot see why you would not speak and spell properly. Not even on the Internet.

@Pickman_Derby Because people are lazy, and love to take shortcuts. Even with something really important like spelling and grammar.

Oh yeah, updated this topic last night with the term 'off topic'.~

Here's a thing you could possibly elaborate on- the use of 'their', 'they're' and 'there'. I find it rather frustrating when people type "there parents went away" or "Look over their!!" -___- Idiots...

ANOTHER one is (mostly used in the UK), "Oh, you should of done this". No... it's should HAVE. Not OF, it's HAVE! Or even "should've".

I'm a bit of a grammar/spelling Nazi. My manager wrote menus for a themed night at the place I work- he had printed like 20 menus and when I looked at them, there were so many spelling errors. Not only was it a waste of paper but a waste of ink that the owners had to pay for -__- I remember the days when I used to shorten every word and heavily used Chat-speak. Ur, l8r, 2moro... to be fair, I still use the following- brb, bcoz, lol, ttyl. But it shouldn't be made a habit to type like that, it's a good practice to type properly in forums or anywhere. I have seen classmates fail reports because they didn't spell properly =/ As for chatting though(especially on here), shortening of words should be accepted considering that many people constantly reply and we try to put our share of words as quickly as possible before the topic suddenly changes.

And @Ashkachan, I don't think it's nice to write "but I hate seeing people from America type so badly". People in the UK, or anywhere else, just write as bad as people in the states. I'm sure even people spell badly in their own language.

@Kanna Working on that common mistake as we speak.

Also, England's more of a... mixed bag. They've got such a different use of slang from America, and different spellings of words. I live in America, and I see it happen much more here than in England. But, whatever, I'll add it in. I just didn't want to look like a dumbass and piss off anyone from England on here.

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