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CC2 .Hack GC movie + PS3 Game UPDATE (Thread)

New Site, the hell

CyberConnect 2 has opened a new teaser site. The site is apparently set to be in a state of more openness "7 days after."


"Note to self: just because CyberConnect2 opens a teaser page with "new title" in the URL, it doesn't mean they're teasing a new game."

"CC2 was teasing last week turned out to be .hack//The Movie, a 3D CG flick that's due to hit theaters in January."


You may still get your PS3 .hack game. During a presentation announcing the movie today, Namco Bandai president Shin Unozawa said that the Blu-ray release for the movie will be a hybrid disc that includes a "small game." He did not provide specifics. ####"
Namco Bandai is no stranger to these PS3 "hybrid discs." The company has already released a Macross Frontier game and movie hybrid and will be releasing a followup later this year. The hybrid discs are playable on both PS3 and standard Blu-ray players. Only PS3 owners have access to the game content

Sidenote from a fairly disappointed twinblade empress:
Someone... anyone... just... just...urgh... URGH!! Kill me... probably no Alkaid in this one. ...yay... or "she" might be a guy again. Going to gulp down a whole bottle of lemon tea now, sorry guys... I'm so sorry.

Q: why are you so serious about this dear author of this thread?
A: pointing to my name and title you see that? I AM HACK and a sack of flesh filled with instant ramen. So I will be seriously furious if they fuck this up, there will be death and blood and rage all over the place. :3
Q: Why disappointed?
A: Yeah well I am most of the awesome people might be as well (hellish glad I won't be the only one on this planet), though I don't know what to think about all this yet. I liked .Hack//Quantum but GC?? in 3D? That's like a crime in a crime itself!

Please be a new .hack game. Please be a new .hack game! I WILL RAGE IF YOU DISAPPOINT ME CYBERCONNECT2!

The .hack series has been disappointing lately and with news of the series supposedly coming to an end, I will be sad if we don't get something new. Keeping the series alive would be nice, but it needs to be greatly expanded upon. There needs to be some new .hack game with dlc content and some online capabilities in my opinion.

However, this reminds me of the wait I had when Project GU was first announced. I always enjoy the suspense from these types of things~

I'm shaking at the thought of this being a new .hack game! .Hack supporting a home console "this generation" or hell an actual PC title will make me soooooo happy!

I agree. I'm definitely going to rage if they are just messing with us. The dot hack series has been one of my favorite games for ps2 and psp up to now.

I lost interest in .hack a long time ago to be completely honest. I had reservations about GU and as it never got released here in England (mutter because we are apparently a backwater place) I never got to play it. Then with LINK I was unimpressed because it was more of a crossover-fest rather than anything canon, what with all the characters from the distant past returning. But I am interested to see what'll happen next.

What they should try and do is another //fragment, an MMO, but do it on computer- it's obvious because how many people will actually have bothered to buy whatever it is that lets your PS2 go online? There's a real gap in the market for a definitive MMORPG version of the game, and I've played a few not-very-good fanmade ones.

-___-''' I don't know where to start ... I really don't know where to start with all this. Couldn't sleep because of my excitement and those evil temperatures and now this.
*headdesk* ...just let me lie here for a while, drowning in sadness, though the movie might not be so bad, for now... there's just sadness here.

@Kubinashi-Rider Well now that it's out, I'd sell my sould for an MMORPG of .Hack but I guess CC2 kind of hates it's fanbase and everything around .Hack cause it's not a top seller. Quantum was pretty nice, but short and the story felt a bit loose in the end... now we get another one.

What's with them always using Kite and the other dothackers as the characters?Why no new chars D:?

they gotta stop whoring out Kite's Desgin

Oh man well time to put away all that cash i was going to spend on an exciting edition in the .hack universe...

@Settsuo-kun ... much to that ...T^T''

@animeftw Agree, I mean it was fun with .Hack Quantum because it was a one time thing and it seemed different than the rest of the games, but now...
Kite or rather the Knight of the Azure Flame isn't a money cow or a money tree, Balmung and Orca aren't those either and yet they constantly try to milk everything out of the franchies.

Will continue this thread despite wanting to burn CC2.


CG movie is nice...but less interactionnnnn XD

@alkaid keep up le updates :3

~The God of mischief~ .__.

All I could think was-

"This should be made by Mamoru Hosoda."

Okay appearantly there really is a playstation 3 game that comes with the bluray version of the movie but god knows what it is or where it belongs to. It could be a minigame, a movie tie in, basically everything is possible now, which isn't a very good thing but it's at least something to wait for.

Will exchange the screens of the movie with some information of the game as soon as something's out.

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