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Listen to the song above you. (Thread)

I couldn't find this thread so...

Listen to the song above you and comment.

i effing love Royksopp, amazing band right there.

I'm sorry bro, but I hate Skrillrex and I hate Korn.

How about something happy?

Oh my.

not a bad song, but after that i need to listen to something a bit calmer.

Love Space Lion.

I know that song, not bad.

I would have thought there would be nothing but FRIDAY FRIDAY GOTTA GET DOWN ON-/shot

... Also, C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER(no video)

be that way. >___>

I know those guys as well, and I love that song. Nice pick!

not a bad song at all phil, i like it a lot!

Oh me gawd, I love Portishead, she's like...amazing.

that, is by far my favorite song by The Decemberists

Awesome amazing video, I'll be honest that's the first time I heard them. Pretty cool shit.

OMG That's an awesome song.

Whaaa, seems familiar, as..almost..I posted that.

Good song anyway, and people need to hear it!

The instrumental is really funny, I like those kind of music, like 8-bit ect... :3 nice ! thanks for sharing.

My turn~~ :

lol i got into that sound asuka.

°3° ) @oversol oh It's relaxing, what's the name of the singer ? :o -it's funny the singer's voice reminds me the one who sings Row Row fight the power-
[I am boring]

(sorry, again depeche mode =D)

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