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Listen to the song above you. (Thread) - Page 5

@TalTal19 NPH, 'nuff said.

very much adorable

@Ecstasy Liked the Instruments, Disliked the vocals.

@13 aint what they used to be. Still good though.

@Noodle Ah Nujabes my friend always talks about then but I never listened to their music till now.I like it,it was calm and it's the type of music I would listen to on a rainy day.

Gotta love the oldies.

@deathy Great song! finished a movie called "4 Lions" the other day and this was one of the main songs in it was a great film with great music. been listening to it all week so it's good to find it on here ^_^

this is going to be my song because its been sunny and blue for the last few days, weird being autumn and the UK.

Cool song, like the electronic sounds especially when they mix the orchestra in it

@JoJoBird haha, that song! I know it since I started listen to music! I just can't resist from posting my favorite cover :D

=)) should I comment? =))

@GMYui sings along Swingin to the left and swingin to the right~
Love that song!

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