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What new movies are you excited about seeing(2011-2012) (Thread)

I really appreciate movies and what they have to offer to teach and entertain us.Now i wanna know what movies your looking forward to seeing.And remember there are no stupid answers.

As much as I would love a lot more structure to the opening post (at least the movies YOU'RE looking forward to), I just have to post two of the movies I'm really looking forward to this year:

Happy Feet 2 and Puss n' Boots

I'd probably post more next time, but those two are just on the top of my head.

Avengers, although i think it's still in 2012 :3

Also, Johnny English Reborn :D

Among others films

None. None at all. Maybe the Hobbit. But that's about it. NONE!

@Yoshiya i didn't know there was a happy feet 2 what's it gonna be about?

Brave- Pixar + awesome red-head heroine in medieval Scotland? AWESOME.

Sherlock Holmes 2- I enjoyed the first one. A lot.

Iron Man 3, if it ever comes out.

@Ashkachan idk maybe iron man 2 was the last of his saga until his involvement in the avengers or maybe they have other plans for him.

Captain America!
Everyone I know who saw it said it was amazing, and I really want to see it. The Avengers will be really good too. And I kind of want to see Hobbit (I really want to see Martin freeman as a hobbit alright?).

Sherlock Holmes 2!! I NEED IT.

They all seem to suck, so none.

@pgmaymoiku the movie was epic you should really see it marvel has done great work with it.
@Nandaba i'm sure they don't all suck unless there is no specific genre your interested in.

The Hunger Games(March 23rd 2012) - I really loved the books and I am really curious about the movie~~ I just REALLY, REALLY hope that it will do the books at least, a little bit of justice ;D

Sherlock Holmes 2 - loved the first one, and Robert Downey Jr. is just great~!

hmm.. what else~

The Woman in Black, maybe? I dont know what to expect from it, but I kinda want to see Daniel Radcliffe's first movie after HP ;PP heh.

Hunger Games, the Hobbit, The Avengers, Spider-Man, and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. ;D

@Decae i never looked up the hobbit but alot of people are excited about it so i'll check out the trailer.

Underworld: The Awakening <3

I want to see...
Straw Dogs
Mission Impossible 4
Sherlock Holmes 2
A Very Herald and Kumar Christmas
Real Steel
The Threee Muskateers
Paranormal Activity 3
Don't be Afraid of the Dark
My Idiot Brother

@Kurezan that's quite a wishlist :o

Evangelion 3.0, Norwegian Wood, Gantz 2 (Coming to a film festival in Australia), The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
The Adventures of Tintin

American Reunion
Men in Black III
The Amazing Spider-Man

Hugo is a must see for anyone who's into steampunk. If steampunk is in it then it must be worth looking at right? It's steampunk!!!! and I also look forward to The Muppets, Happy Feet 2, The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo, and Dr. Seuss The Lorax. Hey I may not know much about films, but I know what I bloody like ;D

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