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What new movies are you excited about seeing(2011-2012) (Thread) - Page 2

Akira live action is a must see. I am sure it will suck, but we have to see it then rage.

The Hunger Games <3333 Ahhh anticipation~

The Hunger Games <3333 Ahhh anticipation~

The Hobbit! I'm surprised it didnt show up yet in the thread :D
the next seaon of the BBC Modern Sherlock Holmes series.
Dracula!! lets hope that this oe is better then the others
and Miazaki's new film!!

  • Snow White and the Huntsman
  • Battleship
  • Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
  • Van Helsing 2: Redemption
  • The Woman in Black
  • Another Earth
    These are all that I found interesting to see. I hope they're good when they come out in theaters.

And obviously Skyfall.

Hunger Games and The Hobbit. Maybe more depending on seeing cool trailers :D

Should we post the upcoming 2011-2012 movie trailers to show what movies we're interested in and show how good it'll be??

@Anemone1 sure if u want to whatever makes u guys happy :) This.

I'm soooooo loving you right now. I just watched Hugo and it was... Magical

It's not steaampunk though, it's better than steampunk! It's a fantasy historical biography (I don't even know what genre it is) about the one thing we all love, Film!

yeah. i loved hugo too. for 2012... lord of the rings... THE HObBIT!!!!!!!!!

@eterno it's not a magical movie, but more like a movie about magic. :D

@pepakurara Mind explaining why I'm enchanted now? It's a movie about magic while the magic is performed on you.
Also, I saw the movie in 3D and I felt that it's the first 3D movie that isn't gimmicky.

P.S.: I really feel that the lack of enthusiasm towards film in Colorless is appalling. C'mon guys talk more about movies!
P.P.S: In other news, I just watched ghost protocol. When the missile almost hit I was like WTF, that's where I'm at!

Out of the Winter till March preview I saw, only The Raven comes to mind.

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