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Perfect Moments (Thread)

Personally, perfect moments are part of what I live for, since they're what I try to achieve. When I speak of perfect moments, it's usually a moment you have only imagined, or is greater than you could imagine. They're moments that make you day, things that you don't forget.

One of the moments that I remember off the top of my head is about me going to a park alone at night. This park that's by my house is sided by a river. The road next to the park leads to a bridge that crosses the river, these three things are connected. There is a part of the park that is further out, and is above the river, it is also the furthest from the bridge. I was sitting on a bench at that part of the park, which has a perfect view of the bridge. On that night the stars were out which is rare since light pollution usually hides them. The water in the river was still, and the bridges lights were reflecting off the surface. It was cold out, but I enjoy the cold. I just sat there for awhile.

I was listening to vvv

That moment was perfect.

Now I invite you, [insert reader name here] to share your moment/moments of perfection.

@Kuru you dont happen to be the protagonist of denpa onna to seishun otoko? his way of thinkign is extremely similar to yours, just taht he gives poitns to the events in his live. perfect moments likte those you mentioned get 5 points.

This music... <333333333333 Its sooooo good ;o;

Also, I was outside just after it rained and i noticed a rainbow... Not just any rainbow, a DOUBLE RAinBOW. So I got my iPod and listened to the double rainbow song for a while. It felt perfect.

@break No I'm not, I've seen the series. Aren't his puberty points though?
@PureBoredom Yeah 'tis good.

@PureBoredom ahh i know doublerainbows, saw them a bunch of times^^ my favourite thing you rarely see ont he sky is a red moon though; i think it looks aweosme, and whenever there is one, i go out to gaze upon it.

@Kuru true, he calls them seishun poitns but its basically the same thing, just that he made up a wacky name for it.

I don't really have these "perfect" moments yet.
Though I am sure they will happen to me sometime later.

Well, I once found a ten dollar bill when I was walking into Chuck E. Cheese's and it felt pretty dang perfect. Haha.

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