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Business Name Help (Thread)

Hey, me and a couple of friends are starting a kids party entertainment business and we haven't decided on a business name and we don't have many ideas.
It would be nice if you guys could give me some ideas.

Additional Info About the Business
The group consists of 4 members as of now, I'm just working on technical stuff such as making a website etc. while the other 3 do performances, games and interacts with the kids. We're all 14-15 females with one of the girls parents as our manager.

Basically we have themes, we do dances and plays, play games etc. we're a youth group that consists of females, we cater for both boys and girls, we don't have a specific age group that we'll be entertaining, and we don't have a name! So please give me some suggestions. Thanks!

Well, for starters, don't include the number of people in the name seeing as how some might join and others leave.

@The_Original_Original yeah I'll take into consideration that we may recruit new members later on. (Though at this point it's rather unlikely that we'd recruit many people since that would decrease everyone's individual profit).

Also, never make it have one person's name in it, like __________'s whatever. It will cause a stir.

4 members 1 manager...;) trust me

If it's children entertainment, Unicorn Heaven might even fit.

I vote for we're totally not suspicious in combo with pedobear outfits.

You should name it Rainbow Dash and get it over with.

My Lil' sissy unicorn club will do.

The Furry pedoBears <3

Oh how I wish I could use one of the pedobear names.
Also, the business is for both boys and girls, I don't think many boys would be into unisorns :\

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