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JIN needs your help! again! (Thread)

haha, CL is always the very first place comes to mind whenever i trying to get massive amount of annonymous vote >:D
joking aside, it's Jin here :D once again i've entered a competition, this time it's a photography competition on Facebook. And yea, it's quite obvious from here so I'll skip the polite intro -teehee-

So, if you guys have a spare minute and own a facebook account,could you please help me out ?
just follow this link!/toiyeudulich
it'll lead you to a facebook page, [like] that page to become a member and then follow this link
it's my entry, please [like] that photo , it'll help out a lot :D
(if you still have spare time or you are a super duper kind person, comments are highly appreciated :D )

so yea, get voting! show some love CL! xD
anyway, that's all i ask of you :D thanks if you can help out and sorry if this waste your time :)
have an awesome day guys :D

Colorless ..

Lol if only I would've listened in Vietnamese class I would have known some of these words.Yeah I'll go vote for you,don't expect more than me though.Especially since this is in the spam section.

@Deathy well yea this has been moved to spam section :P can't rly complain tho :P
i miss the time where if you post a thread asking for helping votes, tons of CL member would respond :(
and thank you so much :)

I would help, if I had a facebook~

Helped you. :)

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