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I really love the interface of this forum. Had a look around, and couldn't find any hints on how it was built. Was it built from scratch or joomla / equivalent?
@Gargron @acostoss

The About Us section provides that information:

"Running on two servers with nginx, php-fpm and MySQL. Written in PHP and Ruby. Servers located in London on's wonderful fluffy clouds."

It was built from scratch.

Cool, thanks! From scratch... repect! It's awesome.

It was built "theoretically" from scratch, but it was built upon CodeIgniter, a PHP framework for building amazing web applications.

Also, it happens to be the best documented PHP framework out there.

You are on the old site. New site is here:

The site has been updated on the 24th December 2011. Please go there when you are finished with the archives.

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