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Challenge: User Numbers Removal (Thread)

While I did expect a backlash from the removal, I didn't expect it to be so childish. I expected better of you guys, but whatevs.

Now, to address some things:

User numbers were never meant to be kept, but were, due to overwhelming opposition to the old admin.They are only an arbitrary identifier for the database, npothing more, nothing less.

The oldfag badges are for the Oldfag group, that posts in the Oldfag Thread. The removal of numbers was not meant to victimize them, but to remove the cause of something I have seen quite often in chat of late, people that joined last year, left, and came back to start demeaning our newer users. Many of these users had <10 posts to their name, and were hardly memorable in chat, and thus, in the context of the site, were worth less than many of our new users. The numbers were removed to combat this.

This was something long in the coming. Fieyr can testify that we have had public discussions in the past, in the forums, about the pros and cons associated with user numbers.

Now that we have that aside, I'd like to make a deal with you guys. Give me ONE good reason that I should bring the user numbers back, and I will. At the same time, I will be defending why we should not. If you can convince me, or a majority of the Staff, it will be done.

If assholes would just learn to shut the fuck up on this site, all problems would be solved. But they have freedom of speech on this site, they prevail the public image of the site, and then you get outsiders calling the Colorless "a bunch of jerks". Because that's how it looks. Numbers are just such a silly matter. I think there should be a rule of "be nice, or hold your mouth shut".

@Dave I like your rule at the end, people should show some respect, to be honest, I sometimes feel scared to even post something thinking people will insult me or complain, thats how bad I think it has gotten since I joined, only my opinion though.


Well, I don't see a real reason to bring the numbers back, and I never saw the use of removing them. I felt it was mean. Logical? perhaps. However, people who think they are better than others will always think so. It's because of a group of people we don't get to have nice things. Ah well.

And thanks for having a thread explaining all this. It was all BAM no numbers!!! HAVE AT YE~ WE CARE NOT! (especially with the disappearance of certain threads XD)

Numbers were nice because we felt we belonged to something, we had a place somewhere. I liked having a Colorless ID. Can I live without it? Sure. Because I know I am part of this community, number or not. I don't need proof. Neither should you all. So yeah, you don't need a number. You are still Colorless ^_^

For people who still think we are dollars, think of it as being even more anonymous than you already are... oooooooooooh O! NO ONE KNOWSSSSS YOUR IDENTITYYYYYYY! (except all the people you link your FB to or whatever site you think is awesome, or the mods who can see your IP and Colorless ID, but hey it is awesome!)

Uh... So you are saying we need an asshole detector before people sign up? If outsiders are calling Colorless jerks or "baby 4-chan" because of a certain number of people, the rest of Colorless just need to step up, be louder and give a better image of the site. The truth is, many don't care. A lot of the people who were here from the beginning left the site because of this bullying/trolling/idiotic few, because they don't want to deal with internet bullies. Or, they just got bored and left. I don't see how this is related to numbers.

@Shirosuke That is not related to numbers, but it is a fault of the site's staff. When the first asshole became loud, they did nothing, and it snowballed to what we have now, and "a lot of the people who were here from the beginning left". Time to change that, right?

Removing the Member Numbers is partially dealing with the issue at hand. While, for some, it was seen as a good excuse for using condescending comments, there seem to have been gigantic misunderstandings, along the way.

From my perspective of being a member since April of last year, I see users from the early days regrouping, because they had so much fun and because they'd like a channel/thread where they can talk, among themselves. Of course these self-proclaimed Oldfags express elitism, but the nuance that needs to be brought upon, in this case, is that they express that elitism among themselves and seem to only push it onto others, without any real ill intention.

However, I won't deny the fact some of our users, them being old or new, might have been hurt, disoriented or even metaphorically chased from this website, for many reasons. Like it has been mentioned by @Shirosuke, numbers are not to be entirely blamed, because there are countless other factors influencing the security and stability of our users.

Numbers are just such a silly matter. I think there should be a rule of "be nice, or hold your mouth shut".

I entirely agree. In other words, each user should try acting responsibly, whenever posting on the boards or communicating on chat. What I mean by responsibly, can be simple steps, such as reading over your text before posting and not letting your personal feelings get the best of you.

Believe me, I know that these steps are easier said/written than done, but once you achieve them, you'll notice that it's not only a good addition for yourself, but also for the health and prosperity of our community. Personally speaking, if the entirety of our users tried doing this at the same time, we will all eventually notice a better atmosphere of communication, among us all.

That is not related to numbers, but it is a fault of the site's staff. When the first asshole became loud, they did nothing, and it snowballed to what we have now

Being a staff member from that time, I can assure you that it is not a question of fault, but a situation of confusion. Most of us had our own ideas of how to tackle the many waves, but we also needed help from our superior, to get it all done. Since we had no way of all communicating together with him, many of the moderators' ideas did not go through, due to inevitable nonavailability. We all did our best, nonetheless, and obviously noticed that a snowball-effect was uncontrollably in progress.

Might I also add that, at that time, the current staff was mostly made-up of users who started working when the site did not have any rules yet. In fact, many of the moderators were working, based on their own definition of moderation and justice. Now, if we add that to having to take a decision together about certain waves of users, it was indeed hard for all of us to have the same view on the situation. Again, I personally think that no fault is to be given to anyone(neither to the mods, or even the admin) because none of us had any guidance of the exact direction that this website was taking.

Now, thanks to the restructuring of both the content of the website and the staff, we have all the ideal tools to communicate properly and calmly find strategies to any possible problem that we will have to face. Whether it be social or technical.

In other words, please trust in the current staff, because we will hear you out, whatever your position on this situation may be, and we will try to find common ground, together. :)

Wait, people care about the numbers? o_O

@Decae I do! It's like the proof that you were one of those oldies here. :< Now I'm #791202. Sigh, although I'm not really active in CL I still care about my number.

That's what we're waiting to discover. Of course, we'd like some arguments to support the position. :]

Your number technically still exists, but can only be seen by the staff. :>

On another note, maybe if we can fix the misunderstandings about the numbers and actually encourage the community to be more respectful, when writing their posts, the numbers can be brought back, as proof that they were not the source of the problem. Of course, that's at the sole condition that respect becomes eventually more apparent, in the entirety of the community.

I only joined to have an exclusive number and demand respect from newbies, I quit!!

@n1xx @Admin

My thoughts on why it shouldn't come back:

Having no numbers has it's good side. Now, newfags don't have to suffer to the Oldfags and their elitism ways. also we don't have to read post that some new users have suffer in the chatroom. even know its not my problem, its a problem that can't go unseen. So removing the numbers so everyone becomes one was a great idea! idk but to me, it fits the "Colorless" well, like having an anonymous ID. idk that's cool to me!

My thoughts on why it should:

Having no numbers has it's bad side. I guess a number means a lot to a oldfag. I mean to me, my number actually represented me and shows that i'm unique among the others. I never was affect by people calling me a newfag or something. I just ignored. but if taking away the numbers means making a differences, then that didn't happen at all. Personally, I think taking the numbers out made some people mad. I like having my own number. It shows that i'm a member of TheColorless. so i would like that the numbers came back, Because i like having a number that no one else has.


That is not related to numbers, but it is a fault of the site's staff. When the first asshole became loud, they did nothing, and it snowballed to what we have now

I think you're on a different topic, dude :o

P.S: Please correct me if i am not allowed to post both of my views like that.


IMHO, I think that they kinda divide the Colourless. I'm an Oldfag (definition may vary from bastard to bastard, but mine is the 'regular-ish' group from the oldie-days), but I don't give a jack about numbers, or 'old-y'-ness (Unless I'm trolling). I'm more interested in the conversation/topic/humour/troll.

As long as you are nice, the golden rule applies. Numbers don't make the person, it's the personality and how you treat others that is important. Numbers are useful to keep track of things, but as a ranking thing? Naaaw. It's stupid. It's like saying "I'm beeettteeerr than you because I'm ## higher than you."

I agree with what has been said thus far except for a few points.

Specifically, I don't think anyone is at fault except for the "assholes" we keep referring to. I can't fault the staff, only because I know they've been trying to allow users to freely speak their mind. They don't want a situation where people are afraid to post for fear of retribution from the mods, and they don't want people constantly sucking up to mods either. I doubt anyone wants that. However the flip side to that approach is the situation we have currently... which is also not good.

Regarding the numbers, in my opinion, you shouldn't need a number to make you feel somehow MORE a part of the community than you already are. A number doesn't make you Colorless. Your active participation on the site does. I agree with the comments that this is silly. But to me, I'd go a step further to say it's ridiculous that this one change has caused such an uproar.

If this in and of itself was such a big deal, I can't begin to imagine the chaos an actual rule change would cause, assuming it was properly enforced. However, I think that's what it will take at this point to improve the environment.

We need something along the lines of what @Dave said... "be nice, or hold your mouth shut". However, I will say that I don't think we can mandate that people be nice. But maybe simply... 'be respectful of other users'.

And that brings me to my final thought/point.

One of the things that really bothers me, is that there's this attitude among some of our users that new users must gain respect before they can be treated as human beings. As if they are somehow not worth communicating with because they are new and unfamiliar with the site and its users. I'm not saying we should immediately give new users respect when they join. Respect is of course... earned. However, we can still treat new users respectfully... and I hope everyone understands the difference.

If we have users who are unable to treat fellow members respectfully, and this applies to both new and old users, then action needs to be taken against them.

I think its a good idea to keep the #'s off :P
If the numbers represented that you were here long shouldn't your reputation show that? Why rely on a number to tell others that your old, having a reputation that's built on the past should mean more than the number. The number shouldn't have this much meaning, you could be old and be an ass and the number would be the same as the number a wise old member who is loved has. Sure the numbers are different but other than that they mean nothing, let your reputation and how you act around others show your age,intelligence,personality and other traits.

I don't think numbers are needed. Oldfags/midfags/newfags were never separated by the numbers anyways. If the people of the oldfag thread recognized you as an oldfag even though your number was two hundred fucking thousand, you were considered an oldfag. And some members, no matter how old they are, will always be considered a newfag. (I do not wish to state examples). It mainly depends on how well you participate in the community and how well the community knows/respects you.

makes perfect since to me

I don't really care, but I agree with @Admin and @Fieyr, for restating what I meant in a nice way. <3 <3

Also, don't be hatin', be creatin'

I don't think they're needed. I mean, it was nice having my own number but they don't serve any real purpose. On the other hand, I don't think removing the numbers exactly solves anything; with numbers, there is bitching, without numbers, there is bitching. Elitists will still be elitists.

But if it does help with equality in our community, then I'm all for it.

To put it simple in my opinion if they base it on numbers remove it they find something else everyone know when they joined and how long they been here. You can take away the number but you cant change someone personality or individuality or how they act. So there is not much of a change really they will find something new and once that is gone they move to somewhere else. People just take things too seriously most of the time that why i think most people get so upset over the newbies because they cant take a simple joke like raping and etc. But other times people get annoyed over the same thing happening over and over again that will make anyone annoyed so they may pick on people. Joking around is fine and all but people take things too serious old or new and the judgement of those people will criticize one another. There is no real way on stopping people being serious over somethings but when something happens it happens there is no way of stopping it ban someone they make a new account and rejoin things along those lines.
But to be honest i did like my number but idc really for the simple fact i remember it and yes i am not an oldfag but i am not really a new fag been here a long time lol. But things get blown out of proportion and it happens get over it suck it up its the internet where a lot of shit happens get real dont be such a cry baby bitch

I think that that numbers where a part of the problem, but not the entire problem, it was fault of both parties, because I think that both sides were instigating, then it escalated into what it is now. If both sides were to stop this silly little fight then it would be fine. Please correct me if I am wrong.

I vote that we just wait for this to blow over.

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