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Challenge: User Numbers Removal (Thread) - Page 3

Still mad? No? That's cool, as long as you stop caring about numbers it's all good.

Numbers are useless, but I agree that the registration date should be public knowledge. Things like that could be important for projects and such.

registration date should be public knowledge

Word. This is very useful information for any user. All forums I have visited have had this information public and to take it away from people because they misused it is something you do to a child. But if you act like shit you get treated like shit I guess...

I would like to add that I have always been against collective punishment.

Edit: One thing numbers can be good for is lottery. But with the majority of this site inactive that would be as accurate as a blind marksman.

@Decae - Instead of a number or registration date, what about having something that identified a user as having worked to make positive contributions to the site?

To be more specific, what about a badge, or some other visual proof that could be linked to how many times a user's threads have been 'Hearted' in order to show that a user has, in fact, worked to make positive contributions to the site?

That way, instead of rewarding users for registering months ago, we could instead incentivize users to make positive contributions.

If the idea is to prevent brand new users from registering, infiltrating and then trolling and or screwing up a project, do you think would this be an effective way to prevent that?

Registration dates only tell us when the user registered and don't speak to the character of the user. Would this, or some variation on this idea, be a better measurement to use when deciding on who will be allowed to participate in a project?

Of course it would be up to each individual project to decide whether they wanted to require a user to have a certain number of hearts. There could even be different badges depending on how many hearts you have. 50 Hearts for example, could get you a 'Colorless' Badge.

Not sure how hard this would be to code from Gar's perspective. But just figured I'd throw the idea out there for feedback.

I agree with @Noodle concerning Registration dates. It IS useful.


Wouldn't any lottery be limited to a single thread? In other words... wouldn't just the users that have responded in the thread be the one's participating? Like Noodle said, the majority of the users on this site are inactive. As such, it doesn't seem like having numbers or registration dates would be very helpful.

or maybe at least set that information to private (only you can see your registration date) would that make a difference or not? :/

@MyogiWarrior34 - I think that's a great idea actually. As has been said before, some people do like to know when they registered. For the sheer nostalgia of it I guess ^_^

So that would be something nice for them, and that way, you wouldn't be punishing everyone.

People who want to see when they registered can, and those who don't want to be treated differently just because of when they registered... get their wish as well since the information would be private.

A nice compromise if you ask me.

exactly. :)


Of course it would be up to each individual project to decide whether they wanted to require a user to have a certain number of hearts. There could even be different badges depending on how many hearts you have. 50 Hearts for example, could get you a 'Colorless' Badge.

I simply LOVE that idea. :) +1 to you, good sir.

But then that would open up a new problem.

"Who are you to speak!? You don't even have a colorless badge!"

But what the hell. Let elitism live and breathe. Rather that than this 'we are all the same' crap.

@Oversol - Thanks man :)


Here's the difference.

After you've registered on the site, your ID number and registration date is completely out of your control. If someone chooses to bash on you simply because of that... first of all... they're an idiot... but secondly it's essentially out of your control.

Sure, we can say that users need to suck it up and defend themselves. But it's my position that users shouldn't even have to defend themselves from their newness since, as I said, it's something that is out of their control.

With my suggestion however, this is something each user can control. New or Old. Users can choose to improve the quality of their discourse and be rewarded as a result. Think of my suggestion as something like a 'Colorless Achievements'.

Secondly. I'm not focusing on elitism here. While I do believe that each member of this site should treat others here respectfully, regardless of when they joined the site, my focus has instead been on coming up with ideas to reduce the asshole population.

I'm not saying my suggestion is perfect, in fact I welcome any variation to improve it. But I think this suggestion, or something like it could go a long way towards improving the quality of both our threads as well as the behavior of our users.

And finally, in response to your video, I don't believe The Golden Rule is something exclusive to socialism. I believe treating others the way you want to be treated is something that applies, regardless of your fiscal or social policy.

@Fieyr I agree. I think you misunderstood my post though. I should have formulated it a bit better. The latter part wasn't directed your post. It was more directed to people whining about elitism.

@Noodle - Ah my bad :P

Did you agree with everything? Did I misunderstand everything?

Now I'm totally confused haha... Loved the video btw.

@Fieyr Dang it. You'll have to excuse me. I'm psychologically exhausted after todays job interview x.x

It should have been something like this:

@Fieyr,@Oversol But then that would open up a new problem.

"Who are you to speak!? You don't even have a colorless badge!"

@Whining people. Let elitism live and breathe. Rather that than this 'we are all the same' crap.

I agree with you post in general. You made a great comeback for the people :3

Edit: So I guess what I mean is... I didn't claim you focused on Elitism. How hard was that to say? Gees xD

@Noodle - Haha well first off, good luck getting the job :)

Secondly, thanks for the complement. I do enjoy standing up for the little guy :)

Just to give my opinion on elitism... Personally I don't have a big problem with elitism as long as it isn't discriminatory towards other users.

Wikipedia gives 2 definitions that explain it well...

1st Definition:
"Elitism is the belief or attitude that some individuals, who form an elite — a select group of people with intellect, wealth, specialized training or experience, or other distinctive attributes — are those whose views on a matter are to be taken the most seriously or carry the most weight; whose views and/or actions are most likely to be constructive to society as a whole"

2nd Definition:
"The term elitism is also sometimes used to denote situations in which a group of people claiming to possess high abilities or simply an in-group or cadre grant themselves extra privileges at the expense of others. This form of elitism may be described as discrimination."

I think if we're going to have elitism, it should most closely represent the first definition. These 'elites' are the kind of people that users can look up to and follow their example which will work to benefit the site and its users.

The kind of elitism that is discriminatory, on the other hand, helps no one. The site will slowly die as new users become apathetic towards participating due to being treated as second class citizens. Older users, as we've already seen, will begin to lose interest in a site with a fractured sense of community.

Alright, this thread is done, as far as what I wanted it for. Feel free to talk in here, after this, if you so choose to.

Alright, my final view:

This is the first step in my plan to cut down on the inter-user bashing that continues to plague the site. Once things have calmed down, registration dates and user numbers will come back, if possible. With the move to the new board, we may start anew.

Either way ,there haven't been any convincing arguments, and most every argument was "they'll still use 'this' to bash", "this isn't the only problem", or "I wanna know my registration date". If the last is really that important to you, just shoot me a PM, and I'll reply with your registration date.

I will not be checking this thread as often as I have been, so don't feel bad if I miss your super-awesome counter-argument.If you'd like, PM it to me, or email it to

Have a great day!

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