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Website wants users! (Thread)

Hello~! Anime Manga Freaks are looking for members (Only got 3 so far including me, owner and a member) we would be oh so greatful to get more member. The idea is to discuss about your favourite manga/anime or any you know of, and to talk about them and tell others how good you think it is. It's simple easy and friendly any further info needed can be asked by me.
Here is the link;

Are you that one other user named "Ohki"?You seem like it...

you could discuss that stuff here ...
I though we had something to do with anime and manga but maybe I'm just imagining things.

I wouldn't join because this site :

a) does have more users b) does have a better layout c) there are a bunch of awesome people here including people with incredible knowledge.

however I don't want to talk down on your site just because it's less professional.
I hope you can build up a community equal to this one
without me ;)


Anyway folks! If you can't sign up the website is probably being edited. Forgot to ad that part hehe... T_T

P.S. I am not against the site but support it. I'd like if heaps more people on my site be part of this one two (If some one like that signs up). Cuz the colorless rules! And it's a new site so it won't have a lot of members. I guess the owner and I are kind of geeky! ;P

Please don't advertise your terribad forum on this one.

It's bad form.

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