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Anime Club Ideas & Name! (Thread)

Hey peoples I could use some help with my anime club plus I have one chance to make this work. I'm kind of in charge of this anime club at my library I've been begging them for two years to make and I have till September 8, to have a name and ideas.
Please help I have no clue what to do about a name or if my ideas are good. TT-TT

-AMV Contest,
-Discussion on new or previous animes,
-bring manga and letting everyone have a chance to read (try to get the whole club to go to a certain convention)
-Polls over favorite animes/anime characters,
-talk about Japanese culture,
-do a movie day showing either live-action (any Asian film) or anime movies. along with the movie, have your officers serve the members ramen, cupcakes, and/or soda.
-arts & crafts time. make paper cranes, chii ears, pokemon masks, teru teru bozu, etc...something that gets their hands moving.
-karaoke day...only if you don't mind your ears bleeding.
-gather your artists and make your own club's webcomic?
-debate about why you like/hate [insert anime/manga title/character(s) here],
-Drawing contests,
-have everyone think of ideas if they ever made their own animes,
-talk about video games (anime isn't the only thing otaku's represent),
-have a little thing where everyone tries to get there hair like a crazy anime hair character,
cosplay contest,
-read manga,
-discuss whether yaoi or yuri should be legal O.O (Joking here :D),
-make poster with something about anime/manga/viedo games

Well, the club at my school we compiled a magazine with comics and art that members drew individually or in groups. And sold them. It was pretty fun all in all...o u o

@FreeTicket Thanks!

Huh. We did a whole anime related dance compilation and learned it.

oya, what a coincidence,
there's a library in my country on the 6th of September having their very first anime meet.

anyways, in my school, our club is basically watching anime, then selling pockey at school to raise enough money for everyone to go to Anime conventions.

Perhaps you can use the current anime club members to make something anime related to sell and book a table at the next anime con and sell it there, at the same time you can advertise for more members.

The things you could sell would probably be: doujin, posters, key rings, home made plush, T-shirts, whatever..

wow haha well im setting a club as well but via a society in the high school that im in, we have a teacher but now the only problem is typing a proposal-not that big of a deal, what i did for a name was that i made one up(to an extent), it is almost like a Japanese acronym that derives from a description of the society in Japanese... My societies name is Genshiburi society- which realy stands for "Gendia Shikaku Bunkai Rikai no Society" which means "The Society for the Understanding of Modern Visual Culture"

so be creative and let me know how you are doing:)

Last year the club lost half it's members (including me) because all we did was watch anime quietly in the dark. We have new leaders this year so I'm hoping that things will be better.

@StrayCat777 how often will the club be meeting?

Hmmmmm..... Well I am a moderator on a website you can put your own page on the club and the club should do everything anime/manga (cosplays, conventions, manga/anime shopping sprees etc. etc.). The name should be decided amoungst you guys though. Every one in the club should write idea names and all should decide amoungst them. If none are like, do it again until a name is chosen. Then go do cosplays as a celebration. The cosplay celebration is a joke but if you like the idea TAKE IT! ;P

oya, this whole idea is suddenly reminding me of Genshiken. Perhaps you could watch that for ideas, ahah.

@Blacklight Here's our web page about it but the meetings will occur on the second Thursday of every month. If we get enough members I'll ask if we can meet more often.

@KinoSakata lol I will

By the way sorry if it takes me a bit to get back to you guys my laptop died so I have to use my friend's computer. -_-'

I think all your ideas are good.
Just recommending, you should have a mangaka contest, where you draw a draft of a manga and try to tell the best story. Then make a final draft for people to pitch in and either post it online, or submitit to become a comic/manga. I used to do that with my friends before I moved.
note: I didn't read all of the suggestions, but I still think most are good. Just don't try to bored people by doing the same thing every week.

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