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An Interesting Read (Thread)

This is a short comic by the writer Milan, titled something I can't decipher. I read it and was really inspired by it and figured I should share it with you guys. It's very moving and will have you completely engaged by the end. Even if you can't read Korean you should give this a look, the art is quite lovely.

Enjoy~! <3

To read it, click here

Make sure to keep your headphones on for the very involving background sounds.

i cried so much. ;w;
the art is beautiful, even though it's in korean, the pictures will tell you what's happening.

O.O I'm scarred for life.

I really wish i could read that.

That was truly inspirational. It was so engaging that I almost cried.

I..I...I don't know what to's beautiful,the picture tells you everything!It's so realistic and the art is wonderful!=3

THIS SHIT IS SCARY! I am in pitch blackness in my room and all I see is this ghost thing popping right at my face T.T I jump each time it happens.

That was beautiful...scared me shitless though. <3

Wish I understood... pretty art <3 <3 <3

My poor heart...

Lovely. I am speechless.

...Good lord xD The art was amazing but it scared me shitless. I thought my comp was possessed or something xD.

@NGH, I'm going to fucking hunt you in your sleep for this.

Interesting experiance I must say.

Did I understand any of it? Nope.

Did I scream like a little girl? You betcha.

Very beautiful art, and super interesting. @NGH, you inspired me to read more comics like this. I thank you :)


I could barely sleep because of that comic

Saw this on /a/ already, OLD NEWS.


Nice pictures, but without reading Korean I can't really comment much more than that.

The butterfly made the story more emotional...tears

holy shitttttt, i jumped but i am now laughing because my scream sounded like yodeling.

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