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An Interesting Read (Thread) - Page 2

@Rasche_The _Red spent 30 minutes supporting me and telling me "You can do it!". xD

Ugh, that was amazing. I cried. (cause of the fawking suspense mostly.) ;A;

If I have nightmares I'm gonna punch you. In the face. With a barbed wire boxing glove.

I <3 this thread.

;A; wolfy's heart is fricken pumping out blood~ damn you

Aw, I remember this <3 Wish I could read Korean, the story's so cool.

Damn u, u bastard DX. If i have a nightmare tonight, I'll come to ur house and cut DX. Thx god, I these post so when it happened I knew too look away DX Omg i hate u soo much right >_<

im gonna send bad thought in ur direction!!! u should have said it was scary!!!!! for the wusses!!!! TT>TT I couldnt even finish it...... but i rly wanna know how it ends....

FUCK. YOU. lol

can someone tells me how it ends? im REALLY curious but i only got up to the second scary sound.

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