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Escape? (Thread)

What do you all like to do when you need an escape from your life or your world?
Do you have a secret place that you always go to? Or listen to a certain song?

Post your thoughts here! :)

I listen to a lot of music and make an AMV in my head (it can be an anime I saw or something from my own imagination)



read or write

play a game, or take a nap listening to relaxing music.

drinking lemon tea & gaming

@Toko Good choice!
It works well for me too, mostly.

I still enjoy building maps for Warcraft 3, for example. Or play games, listen to audiobooks.

I draw or listen to music or maybe sleep.

mmorpgs, sleep and music

MMORPG's, colorless, and reading. Sleep seems to short too me to find an escape.

I escape from my life and or world.

Stare at the ceiling, write lame romantic stories.
Watch anime, play J-rpgs, bike. Listen to classical music.

Omg my long lost sister!?
:P I do all the same things with a little read/playing VNs

@WhisperSiren I'm more of your long lost brother :D Really?

I "think". My mind is a joyride of crazy. I can live in any other world I want, anytime I want.

i like to listen to music while reading a good book. Or sometimes i just listen to music and let my imagination run wild. Also video games, cant forget those.

I play any RPG with a grind.
Grinding makes time fly by fast~

"thinks hard" to escape go to thecolorless chat group! watch anime, cyber surfer listen to music new and old, read, sleep, write my feelings down so that it's out of my head, then go outside and take a fresh air!!!

VIDEO GAMES, because real life is boring. \o/

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