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Escape? (Thread) - Page 2

Sleep or read.

I pull out my N64 and try to beat my old high scores.

walk, and walk, and walk
also playing mmorpgs and reading books :)

Lol xD sorry. Saw girl in picture so I just guessed and u put unknown as ur gender so how am I suppose to know xP
Really as in I do the same things has you? Yes.
Really as in I read/play VNs? Yes

I hide in my room and listen to music. I also go to chat rooms, colorless, youtube, facebook and a crap ton of other sites.

Go on cl, gaming, finding music, or biking to the next town over if I feel a bit more active.

I listen to music or just lay in the grass and stare up at the sky. I try not to think about all my problems for a minute. I just think about all the good things that have happened to me so far and what I would like to happen in the future. If this doesn't calm me, then I take a nap to calm down.

watch anime or read manga

///Minecraft than Minecraft Pocket edition that Xbox Edition (Coming this Summer)

I let my imagination run wild. I have my second world inside my head.

In fact, it's developing into entire worlds now and it started as a small town in the Pokemon world.

Need a character idea? I've got hundreds of them!

Go out to the barn when nobody else is there and just be with my horse. However long I'm there for, everything troubling is forgotten and I'm truly happy.

Sleep or listen to music, video games too.
Very bloody video games.


Sleep, play video games, or just go relax on some roof top.

And reading various doujins of various pairings. Even the ones I hate.

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