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Stop eating tiger prawns (Thread)

Hello people! :)
I just want to share this video with all fellow sushi eaters and everyone else.

So yeah, please stop eating tiger prawns, if you have not already. I really love mangrove forests so it would kinda suck if they were all chopped down... Thanks for watching and reading! :)

Good thing I don't eat seafood in general. Not only is it disgusting, shit like this happens.

Implying I had the kind of money to actually afford enough to make a difference

Imma gobble that shit up like all like om nom nom nom.

fuck the forest.

You don't have to do that to catch prawn.

Even if I don't eat it, and a few other people dont eat it. Restaurants will just have to bin whats left over and it will be a waste anyways.

Gonna eat it anyways, I bet a lot of other foods have chemicals and is not eco friendly except we dont have a youtube video about it. Might as well not eat anything and grow your own food if thats the case...

Anyways that my view on this.



Good day tiger prawn

Thank you all for sharing your opinions. Here's another film about this problem.

that's just how economics work... and it's not only like this with these lil seafood fellas.
For example the ingredients for biofuel are made in poor / developing countries by western organisations which bought the land [you should look up "landgrabbing"].
they grow the plants for biofuel and thus there's no place for other food that could be grown by the locals.-------->they end up in poverty and starve to death !
also the environment gets fucked up as well !
And did you ever think about how the clothes you wear get made ? that's an entire different even more horrible story...

shrimps are only small fry compared to a whole lot of other stuff you can't even live without.

think about it

Yes, I am often thinking about it, and will always keep trying to improve the way I'm living, but I just thought this is a very easy way of doing something good, to just stop eating these shrimps, (it's really not a big deal compared to other things) and it'll still make a big difference.
And yes, it might be that that's how economics works, but that's like saying you can't do anything to change it. I think that if you're stubborn and don't give up you can eventually change things. The problem is just that people easily gets overwhelmed with all the bad things, and then just stops caring. I can understand that feeling, but the problems won't just go away when you're ignoring them... is what I think.

Tiger prawns arn't one of the worlds most worst environmental hazards.The people creating the dams are.

A lot of this can be copy and pasted towards a lot of seafood, unfortunately. So generally I try to stay away from it.

bump against spammer

I'm sorry, they're just too tasty ;_;

@IIEarlGreyII Yes, I believe you're right about that..
So while we're on the subject:

@Moguo In another twenty years we'll probably be eating giant squid or other deep deep sea creatures, because that's all that's left. Bi-catch is the real problem, I mean...ok...if you, in any situation, catch a fish...let it die...and throw it back, then you are doing something WRONG.

That's like being a farmer and saying "crap, damn cow got in with all the pigs......guess we'll throw it out". I mean REALLY?

@IIEarlGreyII Yeah, I'm starting to lose hope in humanity... The "good" thing is that we'll probably all be dead before we start eating deep sea creatures, considering that 50% of all the oxygen comes from the ocean, and most of the rest comes from the rainforests, and we're continuously destroying both.. >_>

Everytime I'm on the way to the airport, I always see the farms where all my tiger prawns come from. So, I don't think I'm doing anything hazardous when I'm eating them.

oh God... humanity's unique talent: using, abusing, overusing our resources for short sighted goals to profit off the of the poor, uneducated, unwanted, discriminated, those without power to feed the fat happy rich... I feel guilty in this cycle; the fact that i can access the internet and write this message means I'm already in the top !0% that contributes the most in this disaster....

in short, it's gonna get worse guys, before it gets better.

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