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MegaMeta Thread, Mk. V [Updated!] (Thread)


Welcome to the Jungle MegaMeta Thread, Mk.V!
I have a lot of things to discuss today. So many that I had to split many of them into other threads, which I will link to, when the time comes. So, first, let's get to the fun stuff!

Fun Stuff


By popular demand, we will have a Minecraft server, that I will be paying for myself. This will be ready in a couple days, after I have time to mess with user permissions and the like. It's already a fairly popular server, with ~30 regulars, with about 4-8 people on at a time. This will be announced in the Minecraft Thread.

New CL

It's getting to be that time, in which the new CL is hitting it'as final stages of production. It's already been opened to the public, on the Twitter and Facebook pages. If you'd like you can find it there. This will have it's own, separate thread.

Staff Changes

I'd like for everyone to welcome Yotsuba as our newest moderator/President! He's always been of real help to the site, and is definitely moderator material.

In The Works

Moderator Evaluations

I will be conducting evaluations of the current moderation team, to prune our ranks of any useless members. We needn't mods that do not at least actively participate on the site, and have one or two that will be removed, because of that.

The main criteria will be

  • activity in chat/forums

  • activity in meta/staff discussions, on and offsite

  • ability to follow orders/guidelines

  • ability to not break my threads (@DSP @Senkono)

This will not be a very strict evaluation, and I do not expect to demod more than 2 mods, if I even have to demod any. It's just to prune a little~

Recruiting Developers

We are still recruiting developers, and have the stage set to add one or two more to our ranks, with no more concerns of database security. As such, I would like to ask that ANYONE that is comfortable with PHP or Ruby when working with MySQL databases, skilled in headless Linux server use, and willing to work for (limited) internet fame and (a little) pocket cash please contact me via PM, email to, or our pages on sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Feel free to advertise the position yourselves, as well. Prospective devs needn't be Colorless members, either.

Fund Management

I am now in control of fund management, leading to a couple more cool things.

Monetary breakdown is as such:

Income from advertisements is used to pay for the server bills. An additional 33% of what was spent is also sectioned off as "OH SHIT" money, to be used in case of emergency. Whatever is leftover is split into 3. 2/3rds of it goes to development, and the remaining 1/3rd is added to the "donations" pool. The donations pool is then going to be used for cool things like prizes for different contests.

In the future, it may also be used to pay for the Minecraft server, though I'd rather avoid this, and continue to pay for that server myself.

What is Planned

New Badges

We are working on a system for making new badges, and a ton more badges to hand out. There have been suggestions of badges for user groups other than the "Oldfag" group, for contest winners/participants, and many other things. If you have any ideas for them, feel free to suggest them in this thread.

Reconstruction of User Hierarchy

The removal of user numbers was the first step in a larger plan to reorganize the user hierarchy, and shift it more towards the effort someone puts forth on the site. User participation, adhearance to rules, and general likability are all things we'd like to promote, and are exploring different ideas to achieve this end.

A couple things thrown about were

  • Mod-approved "Great" threads.

    These threads would be separate from the "popular" threads, and would be based upon criteria ranging from writing ability and discussion-generation to lighter things such as humor and overall enjoyment of a thread.

  • A reworking of the old "Likes" system

    This would allow for such things as special badges for users that make consistantly good posts/threads.

  • A "User Spotlight"

    Basically, a thread in which we highlight particularly good members, what they have been doing, etc

As allways, suggestions/comments are always appreciated.

Cross-compatability in ALL Modern Browsers

Pretty self-explanatory. The next iteration of the site, currently in development, will be cross-browser compatable and more mobile-friendly.

What You Can Do to Help


Donations help us to fund user-contests faster, and will be used for many more things in the future. Basically, help us help you. It's simpler than ever to donate, what with the Paypal link in the sidebar. You even needn't a Paypal acount, just a card with a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover logo on it, or a bank account. Such cards include Debit and credit cards, prepaid cards, and even gift cards that you can find most anywhere, including Walmart, CVS Pharmacy, and even some conveniance stores/gas stations.

Contact Us

If you ever have any problems with the site, the users, the mods, or even how i am doing things, please please PLEASE contact me through PM, email to, or Twitter and Facebook.

Criticism and suggestions help us make things better for you. Without this, I cannot know what you are thinking, and thus cannot resolve any issues you have. Even if it's so simple as a little idea you have, bullying in chat, or a "Fuck You" over something that was changed, I'd love to hear about it.

If anything, it might even net you a "Helpful Member" badge, in the future~

And that's about all I have to say, this time around.

Please, as I have practically begged, post your thoughts in this thread, or send them to me via PM, email to, or Twitter and Facebook.

Have a great day!

Fun Facts:
I rewrote this thread a total of 5 times over the course of a week, on my phone, my "play" compuer, my work laptop, and my PS3, from such locations as my home, the bus, my workplace, my mother's apartment, and a resturant. It was condensed from >6000 words to it's current iteration, totalling at just over 1000 words.

I will link in other relevant meta threads, such as the Dev sticky and Minecraft announcement, here. Not yet, though

Oh my. Yotsubama for President mod.

I've the strangest idea he'll take over and this will become the start of the Yotsuba Nation.

Okay, this thread is finally up, thanks for that. Here's hoping for a few quick updates before I head to bed yawns

@Yotsubama WOOT!
"Tomorrow, we discuss Colorless Development ! tonight, we PARTY!"

Oh, Yotsuba mah nigguh. ;~; Throws chickunz for everyone. Oh, and I like the new site! It's so... clean, even if it isn't 'completed' yet.


Also, relevent music:



From what everyone says, I don't have anything to say but to be a proud Mod <3 ;w;

Should I be able to log in to the test site? If so I can't.

Congrats @Yotsuba, bitchez love mods.

Totally up for some Minecrafting (as soon as I've finished moving and got the internet sorted out that is).


The site is running on a separate database, meaning that you haven't an account on it, unless you've signed up on that site.

WHOOOO i hope you dont get annoyed with my Suggestions/ critique. c: i really wanna be a helpful member, so HERE SOL GOES /vrooms on outta here. Btw You really need a hitaus @Admin :< Jussayin


It's actually my viewpoint that I do not devote enough time to the site, which I am working on. I have gotten word that a select few also agree with me, so yeah.

FUCK HIATUS, too much work to do. I may step back a little, when we get into CL 2.5/3/4(whatever the fuck we are calling it) and things are going smoothly.


Fine fine, just don't overwork yourself. sometimes even the GODS need rest o-o

there is nothing else to be said here since, i have explained my suggestions and they have been answered. thank you kindly, Admin~


Thank you Acostoss <3 This answers some things I was asking the other day.

Thanks for the congrats guys.
Glad to be part of the team and what not.

Remember any concerns you guys have regarding the website or pretty much anything i could help with, i'll be glad to help with.

@Admin Right now, I have a little time, so if it's something specific you or Gargron need help with building into the codebase, I'd be glad to help out (I am not a PHP expert, but hell, I've used it before, and it's not exactly the most complex language. I'll try to avoid introducing security holes. ;P).

Badge Suggestions:

Midfag - A motor cycle to symbolize their midlife crysis

Troll - A troll VolkieVolks

Controller - Takes part in a lot of game related threads

Badges for the other threads =P

Contradistinctive Lexemes badge - uses long words and proper grammer yo.

Lovable - Has rabu above all others

Post Badge - Large number of posts (Spammers are unable to get it)

Thread Badge - A number of interesting threads

Gossip - Spends a large amount of active time on chat

Bitchez - Can only be given by @Yotsuba

Alpha Thread Poster - Has created a thread that was chosen by Mods to be interesting

Awesome work on condensing this @Admin, and congrats to @Yotsuba.

I can certainly agree to promoting good threads, and a little bit of extra praise may be enough to get me making threads again. (Damn you practically every class I have and tf2 for taking my time!) I really do intend to be more active, just as soon as I find some more time. I don't intend to disappear like last academic year, at least.

But to ask a few questions (as usual)

  1. Will users be able to nominate people to the spotlight, or will it be completely mod run?

  2. How difficult/exclusive will the prize money pool be to get for contests? Will it be for mods only, will there be a minimum participant requirement, etc?

  3. Will some of the new badges be based upon stats and added automatically? If so, might I also suggest a badge for some level of activity in a certain board? That way the lesser boards such as Writing, World News, Food could get some increased activity.

Also, kudos to @Xyopq for the cool badge suggestions.

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