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bring your Headphone Fetish here (Thread)

I dunno why, but I find hot girls with a headphone even hotter. true story.

and I hope I am not the only one.

do you have Headphone fetish? If you do post and share!

Oh my, haven't heard from you in a while~.

But no, I was not aware they had.. These... Though I might develop a fetish for them LOL.

i thought this thread's gonna discuss shit about headphone.

welp, i am dissapoint

Glorious thread!

Thank you Atlus for you weird fetishisms. You're a cool guy.

These are the headphones I own:
They look sexier on me.
Will post a picture when I am not in an undisclosed location (at uni)

Well, it sounds like a fetish with Vocaloid as an origin (.) But It's kinda cool. Butterfly headphones are pretty sexier :D

Here are 4 more:

Mio From K-ON
Jigoku Shoujo
Random One
Butterfly Ones! :D

Yep... i've had a few.

....kinda looks like @Lumiex >_>;


I don't wanna be a complete douche, but Skull Candy is like the worst headphone compay ever...

STAX and AKG ftw.

Sennheisers > all.

AKG's look cool, yeah sure, but their sound quality isn't that much better than Skulls.

@Yotsuba I mean yeah. if you are using it iPod that is. If you wanna get a full potential out of a high quality headphone, you need to get a higer quality amp.

and yeah Sennheisers is fucking beast, but it also costs like $1500.

pretty girl + smart girl + nice personality + huge rack + round ass + good sense of humor = maybe..
plus someone who can afford beats audio quality headphones? fuck yes. that shit is mad expensive and when i see a hot chick with cute headphones its just full of win. i even have iPod sex (share your headphones with the other person so you can both hear music).

nyeh nyeh nyeh.

Beats from Dr. Dre??? THAT IS A MONSTER HEADPHONE ^_^

And yes Sennheiser wins.

Beats by Dr. Dre. The best headphones ever, i so want them for my iPod

I love the way headphones look (and sound), but I don't use them a lot outside of school (and home) because they're pretty hard to bring around (I don't like keeping them around my neck all day). I only do when I have a backpack with me or something, otherwise I just use my iPhone earphones. (fail)

I have Sennheisers and a few crappy cheap ones I got because they look awesome on my desk.
I also have a pair of Skulls because I like their logo and the one I got came with a nice sticker for my laptop. Heh.
Apparently Beats are great, but I don't really want to spend that much on headphones I don't particularly like the look of.

I know how you feel with the looks, man...
I'd rather go for something with better looks and a slightly shittier quality-- but still decent enough to be placed around the $90 mark(CND)...

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