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[PS3/X360]Persona4U in Mayonaka Arena [TRAILER] (Thread)

"BlazBlue Team Developing Persona 4 Fighting Game"
The Persona 4 revival won’t stop with the anime and Persona 4: The Golden. Arc System Works are working on a Persona 4 fighting game, development of which is being handled by the BlazBlue team.

The game is titled Persona 4: Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena
It will take place two months after Persona 4 and continues the game’s story. The fighting tournament is apparently being hosted by none other than Teddie or Kuma in the Japanese version.

Shoji Meguro will be composing music for the game and Katsura Hashino will be directing.
Persona 4U in Mayonaka Arena will be released in Japanese arcades in spring 2012 and will follow on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in summer 2012 in Japan.
Characters that are confirmed to be playable are for now
- Yosuke,
- Kanji
- Yukiko
- Chie,
- Yu (the main character)
- and…Aigis?! (Yes, the game will include characters from Persona 3 as well)

P4U will be playable at the Tokyo Gameshow 2012.

".....fighting tournament is apparently being hosted by none other than Teddie or Kuma in the Japanese version.

Shoji Meguro will be composing music for the game....."

Alright i see where your going with this, Lured Sol because he FUCKING loves his Blazblue. I will look into this game. it seems pretty sane anyways

-rubs eyes- -blinks-
WTF! is my brain playing tricks on me. I really liked Blazblue. Now there's a fighting game with Persona 4 and 3. I sooo want to play this when it comes out.

HELL YES. I CAN FINALLY BEAT UP JUNPEI!!! Ahem Well then, I hope this gets released overseas. Like Catherine did. (Which sold really well here.)

See people @Ashkachan is doing it right! Let's beat up Stupei together in the most epic ways ever! xD
Guess we might even be able to start some kind of Tournament here~
now I really hope that they will built in an option to watch other fights like they did in BlazBlue. A built in Tournament mode would be nice as well, basically BlazBlue in Persona 3/4 style. >/////<

I actually hope that they won't make it TOO much like Blazblue. Mainly because Blazblue has a lot of faults for a fighting game. (At least to me it does.)


can't wait ladies and gents XD

LOL @Ashkachan if you mean the mechanics and the balancing then I have to agree, there are so much exploits and it's sadly not very balanced, but I enjoyed the different modi. Sadly MvC3 missed a lot of those, spectator mode is a must nowadays for a fightgame, there should be many possibilities for the players online as well to enjoy the game.
Most developers tend to forget that we live in an age where we know people online, in another country, town or city. That's why I'd hope for a good synchronization with all players world wide and respective modes for that matter.

@Kuroba_Loki Yeah let's give tem our hard earned money! That game just has to be good and I'm jelous that those who attend to the TGS will be able to play it. SO UNFAIR! >__<''

hard-earned = parents' money XD

and I'm still waiting :3

when's the release??

@Ashkachan HELL EFFING YES, i wanted to kick his ass so much since the whole "wah i wanna be leader" emo thing. ugh.

Well, it should be spring 2012 in Arcades, later that year it'll be brought to PS3s and 360s.

uwaaaaaaa so close yet so far :3

off topic: are you rapeable loli dc?? XD

I said this before, and it's probably hopeless, but

what I'd give to have Minato in this game

I'd be interested in the following:

Will it be possible to evolve or change one's Persona, like Orpheaus, Thanatos, Messiah or Izanagi/Izanagi no Okami?

Hopefully this and the Minato question will be answered soon, because they could make a real persona fighter out of this, like P1-p4 because the cast of P4 seems to be a bit too small for a fighting game. Well at least p3 to P4 would go really well or Vincent with his trusty Pillow, but that wouldn't make sense. xD

Well, the Blazblue cast isn't exactly big either. :o

True it was small at first.
For now there are 20 different BlazBlue characters, okay it's the second game, but since Persona is a relatively big RPG franchies with story and game characters we like there ought to be more to it then only 10 (as you can see in the roster above). Even Calamity Trigger had twelve, not much more, but more.

I see a big problem with Minato (Orpheus/Thanatos) though, als much as I hate that thought. Thinking abut the events of P3 the ending is absolute. Also P4 and P3 play in the same World, as well as P2. Maybe that "other" Teddy finds a way to grant a miracle here, would really appreciate it as well.>__<

I'm fine with a small cast of characters, less moves to remember. Just as long as I get to play as Aigis!

AHHH I want an Arcadestick so BADLY!!! OH MY GAWD PERSONA DESIGNS!

I can also reason with Minato not being in this game, as much as it kills me to admit, keep it canon do not include him initially(maybe as DLC later) but let us get used to him not being there. If he was there from the start it would be a mess online as a good 95% of us would main him among others.

I would also like to see the addition of other characters as time goes onADACHI!

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